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  1. Robert1211

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    IDK, maby actually play on the servers insted of each week complaining in discord that its dead.
  2. I think there is already plans for the sidewalks to be lowered in the future.
  3. Robert1211

    Ambulance repair

    Bug: You can't repair the 2008 Ford Ambulance Description: If you try to repair the 2008 Ford Ambulance it will just immedialty cancel and says action failed Media: None
  4. Robert1211

    State of Fire Dept.

    Well first the server is in early alpha. 1. Graham has been quite busy with work this week and has not been able to work on FD Stuff but said he will be working on some stuff this weekend. 2. Stuff like protocal and roster was prepaired and can be found under the ECFD channel. But we also don't have our updated list of cars added yet either so we stuck with only a few and no fire engines. 3. In terms of applications and stuff it shoulden't be to long hopefully before their open.
  5. Robert1211

    Fire station helipad doors

    Bug: The two metal doors leading to the heli pad at fire station is not able to be opened by EMS but police are able to. Media: N/A
  6. Robert1211

    Teamspeak Suggestion

    Normally there is staff on most of time able to help new people etc but due to the switching to arma 3 and that it has just been christmas and it's soon new year means not as many are on the teamspeak. I was AFK at the time you came on but I have also been online all day on the TS so you could had poked / messaged me.
  7. Robert1211

    EMS Aviation at it's best

    This is why we shoulden't let Michael fly
  8. Robert1211

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

    Before posting please consider using this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oxford-Dictionary-English-Dictionaries/dp/0199571120
  9. Robert1211

    Name Change Requests

    Current name : Robert Wagner New Name : Robert1211 Reason: want my old one back to use on website as i just use Robert on the server
  10. Robert1211

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Robert Wagner New name: Robert Reason: Arma 2
  11. Robert1211

    Steam Player ID's For Whitelisting

    My Steam ID: 76561198123697682
  12. The discord server will only be used for groups such as Staff, SD Divsions and LSFD divsions to be able to communciate better and keeping everything in one place. The teamspeak is the main thing we are using. IP is ts.ourliferpg.net
  13. Robert1211

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Robert Brown New Name: Robert Wagner Reason For Change: Arma 3 rules, and diden't like the first one i choose.

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