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  1. OneShot


    Can you just submit fake logs?
  2. OneShot

    Kill Feed System

  3. Suggestion: Make weed sell for more Why: I did a run of weed for 30 mins in my house and I got 10K for 50 weed, I then done Diamonds for 10-20mins and 50 processed Diamonds sell 45K, dont you think a higher risk of getting caught doing illegal activity should be more of a reward instead of the other way around. It would be more beneficial for both parties if the price of drugs got raised as it would not just be more money in civs pockets it would be something more for cops to keep and eye out for.
  4. OneShot

    Debit Cards

  5. OneShot

    Unmarked Everywhere

    I think all SD vehicles should be a bright pink bearcat
  6. OneShot

    Unmarked Everywhere

    I think that CID should have CID marked cars as they aren't the agents they are detectives to investigate criminals.
  7. OneShot

    New Mags

    Maybe you should take a trip to terror island
  8. OneShot

    Keycards Vanish after logging out

    I think its meant to be like that so people dont combat log with it
  9. OneShot

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: OneShot New Name: Ian Cole Reason: Changing to the Arma 3 Server
  10. What do you mean a smaller map, if we make the map smaller if would be a Gmod server.
  11. OneShot

    Making in-game Tiers

    I was thinking they add donator back just earning points to get tiers so the lowest tier tier would be like 10 points and the highest would be like 60 points for example and you would earn them in events or buy it with in game money like what @Michael Vidov said.

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