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  1. Stangl Sabra


    I realized I haven't met my hours within the last 8 - 9 months, am I fired? Pls Respond with noodes
  2. Stangl Sabra

    Just found this again

    @TheGamingChief It's jimmy...... Why ask that question lol
  3. Stangl Sabra

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    This is a very very very amazing chat.
  4. Stangl Sabra

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Yes, it would be beneficial for us. It's something not many RP servers have and main reason why they loose some new players.
  5. Stangl Sabra

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    i agree with TGC, many people say "the server is dying we need help" without offering any themselves. The consistent change from A2 to A3 to A2 to A3 to A2 sucks. Honestly Arma 3 could and would be good. I seen in previous post that consistent updates would keep members on. What type of updates would people want to see that would be A. Within Armas code and B good for roleplay? There was a time where we had a good population growing and gaining members each day. That stopped due to ddos, once we continued to get ddosed people stopped checking to see if it was over. That played a huge part into where we are now. My suggestion would be to IF we launch A3 again, have a ranking system BUT, as we had/have in Arma 2 make public slots for both SD and FD. Similar to the previous one before we started a3. Many people including myself joined because I seen there was public PD slots. The more people who came for that tended to stay because of the pop we had and roleplay on a2, all of this is possible on A3 (I believe). Topics below: A3 Slot system Jobs Map Weapons Updates Keeping the A3 corrections system the same as before to where (if you committed a crime you would have to turn your self in before going ESU or SD) is good, the main issue with the Public slots would be corruption. Making it a server rule like it was before would be a good idea. Jobs, certain jobs such as a judge or county official would add greatly to roleplay. For instance, after a court case, if a judge jails a gang member. The gang of that gang member must wait 10 minutes AFTER the gang member is jailed to announce in global that they will go after the judge.The judge can then set up a form of security. Same thing goes for the county officials. Taxi jobs are pretty much useless, (original a2 and current a2 players know why). Being able to own a building for the restart and being able to save so you can either buy the same building again FOR JOB PURPOSES such as : Towing, and even illegal use as selling drugs to players and being able to hide the drugs in containers placed by ownership (giving C.I.D the reason to have UC). The map, is very well made out and before this happened I believe it was being worked on. Add more land marks around the map so players can explore more, doesn't matter what they are, just make it useful for roleplay, Buildings we could enter, sub stations for SD, and FD Preferably by water for maritime and esu aviation and boats. Weapons, op weapons isn't the thing for better roleplay. Add actual snipers don't make them overpowered.. Make it to where guns are not as cheap, you are (roleplay wise) taking a life when you kill someone so the weapon used should not be cheap. I seen a lot of post about community events and I sort of agree, community events on weekends such as (sunday or saturday) would be amazing. Showing that not every day is for serious roleplay. About the updates, give devs GOOD ideas for updates that are possible. Meaning do research.. These simple things show players that, woah cool! This community Cares! I don't know if anything I just typed makes sense.. Just reply lol
  6. Stangl Sabra

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Arma 2 is out for fucks sake, no one gets on EVER
  7. Stangl Sabra

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Its not Arma 3 its arma 2.
  8. Stangl Sabra

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

  9. Stangl Sabra

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    Is it dead forever or what can we do to fix it
  10. Stangl Sabra

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Nope, your friends ruin the community. I think that should be changed.
  11. Stangl Sabra

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Good way to bring up the community!
  12. Stangl Sabra

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    For once I actually agree with kevin
  13. Stangl Sabra

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Jerrod completely dodged what David said, it is stupid to continue to change from A2 to A3. this would be the THIRD time we changed from A2 to a3 to a2 to a3 and now BACK to a2? I think not. It doesn't help at all. This community was alive in Arma 3 and died because of DDOS attacks from the people you associated with. People got so annoyed that we were getting ddosed they decided to leave ourlife Alone. and then new people who had interest in ourlife seen that it is A. Dead, B. Has little to no ddos protection. Reverting to Arma 2 AGAIN would do nothing. I can pull out Numerous threads of people saying the same thing you said jerrod but to switch to A3 and then a2. So Heavy NO for me
  14. Stangl Sabra

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Darkshifter is the HERO of ourlife.

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