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  1. Stangl Sabra

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    Thank god.
  2. Stangl Sabra

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Uh, this topic will turn to more shit in about 1 hour.
  3. Stangl Sabra

    Arma 3 roleplay suggestions?

    That's true.... I mean we can't just continue to be a "Cops vs Robbers" Community. Another suggestion would be like a government? And what I mean by that is like a permanent government not someone who is voted in every restart. I am talking like ACTUAL government with security jobs ect. and people may assassinate the gov or judicial workers if they themselves have had done something against a gang. Before they could be assassinated they must have warnings 20 mins before the assassination can happen, So they have time to setup their security that was either accepted in by the government, or application? Also I already know it may be a W.I.P but a judicial system? That works through the government itself? They can be corrupt and caught ex. Paid a lot of money (FROM THE PERSONS GANG OR THE PERSON THEMSELVES) to have the case dropped and they let free? Jail times would go through foster for Judge corruption?
  4. Stangl Sabra

    Arma 3 roleplay suggestions?

    Lets drop some roleplay ideas here.. Rules: No bitching, No map ideas ex. cicada ect., Just plain roleplay Ideas. If anyone does be toxic I hope staff locks topic..... (if anyone adds good ideas ill put it below.) First Idea.... Government
  5. Stangl Sabra

    The most vitally needed car in ourlife arma 3

    I love the REAL cars, I wanna texture some..... Give me a sec..
  6. Stangl Sabra


    If we do switch to Arma 3.... can we fucking not have the mustang at 300k to buy.. Also have a NORMAL pd... like, Crown vics, Tahoes. not fucking Lambos and shit
  7. Stangl Sabra


    Like every other form post.... This one has turned to shit. +1
  8. Stangl Sabra


    Look in the dark text my boi
  9. Stangl Sabra


    Alright listen, Younes is trying to apologize for his wrong doings and you guys are just being dicks. Leave the man alone..... Sckrub kids Leave de maean alone whe need to stop
  10. Stangl Sabra

    We need to do something.

  11. Stangl Sabra

    We need to do something.

    I do agree with you Jared, but it's like this.. We switched from Arma 2 to arma 3 for the SAME reason. That failed and now we are back to step one. Switching games really wont do anything, Adding like PMC back to see how it would turn out would be a "NEW" type of roleplay for new players and old, and flyers. The bounty hunter Idea is plain stupid. Add some new weapons/old like the DMR (even though it is kinda op). The idea of going back to A3 is just a no... Plenty of people want to play A2 rp and do not have A3. I may be going off topic here or switching topics a lot but yeah.... Those are some ideas. Add flyers at Speed 5 or something or put it at the old donator and make it useful unlike the paintball area...
  12. Stangl Sabra

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

  13. Stangl Sabra

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

    .... Younes.... Please stop, you're killing me with your spelling. Also reread the Protocol for ESU.
  14. Stangl Sabra

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

    Speak english N3rd B)

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