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  1. Aaron Cinematic


    i make enough, might as well but still people wont play so RIP skinz
  2. Aaron Cinematic


    Definitely! that sounds like a plan to me
  3. Aaron Cinematic


    You could but ill ask staff to verify the hours if possible also before any money is sent via pay pal you must provide evidence of times logging onto the server.
  4. In order to increase players/RP on the server I will be offering two cash prizes each week for RP and activity. Rewards Are: Activity Most Active - £10 2nd most -£5 3rd - 500k in game cash Submit Activity Below https://forms.gle/3LAi4pQwTReT5yC39 RP Best RP over a week - £20 2nd £10 3rd £5 Submit RP below https://forms.gle/Nzn29om1pPrusWYB7 In order for the 2nd and 3rd prizes to be won there must be over 5 submissions from other players with evidence of play time/RP being recorded. Lying or cheating will result in immediate disqualification from the process and banning from future entries in the competition. EVIDENCE MUST BE PROVIDED FOR TIME LOGS OF ACTIVITY I.E. SCREENSHOTS OF SERVER UPTIME AND COMPUTER DATE AND TIME
  5. Aaron Cinematic

    RoyalSyndicate/Thomas Ashton/Lewis | 13/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Sorry to add to this, but im still in the process of uploading 3gb of evidence of this guy breaking rules. In addition to this, I am currently sat in TS with him saying he is evading bans and that he cant be banned.
  6. Aaron Cinematic

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    sorry to bump the thread but FiveM is really easy to do and can be made great I plus one this!
  7. Aaron Cinematic

    Renualt Magnum maxes out at 27kmh

    European truck am I right
  8. Aaron Cinematic

    VPNs allowed?

    VPN's can be used for ban evasion so I would say no no
  9. Aaron Cinematic

    Marijuana Processing

    To add this is the same for every processing
  10. Aaron Cinematic


    Thats the finished producut xD you get a cap and a hat too
  11. Aaron Cinematic

    Continuation of Clothing Shops

    Currently I am working on some RP based clothes for you all as well as some fun hip I blaze 420 ones. I have 100 uniforms with backpack/hat editions and approx 25 vests however, I am going to go through them all and see which ones are the best quality to be released to the server. Hopefully you will all have a good variety of clothing to go through.
  12. Aaron Cinematic


  13. Aaron Cinematic

    Change in car locking sound.

    Could you provide a video just so I can see it and ill see what I can do
  14. Aaron Cinematic

    Server downtime and staff training

    its still EARLY ACEESS jersh ma boii we are still doing better than the DayZ dev team

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