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  1. Charlie Smith

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    Lol there needs to be some type of incentive to have people wanna play. Yes we have all had great memories on here but I think it needs to lay at rest with arma 2.
  2. I will admit I got a lot of hate because I was apart of PMC and broke so many rules, wasnt around for arma 3, etc... I see a lot of people complaining about arma 3 not being a thing right now. I would like everyone to post their issues with the old arma 3 server that way IF the devs listen they will create a server you guys will love. Have at it. My issue would be don't try to make this project life where you have to spend 30 years gather resources to make vehicles or grind money to get to 300k just to have your car blown up 20 mins later. Actually take your time and do things correctly. Make the arma 3 server just like arma 2 and make it that "cops and robbers" feel that made A2 boom. If people wanna spend 10 years getting matierals to get a car and have over realistic roleplay then they can spend the $20 to get in. Otherwise just bring back the old server we all miss.
  3. Charlie Smith

    EMS Subfire Suggestion

    Get off your lazy ass and drive back to station. Simple
  4. Charlie Smith

    Another Civilian Company

    So... basically bringing back flyers which failed due to inactivity? My suggestion is to just roleplay it while on the server instead of trying to get something like this added. Good idea but its been done before and failed.
  5. Charlie Smith

    Rule suggestion - No crime first 15min

    +1 This way the cops can get ready instead of being able to do nothing about the robberies.
  6. Charlie Smith

    Shop Menus

    Its always worked for me on highlighting the numbers and typing the value even after I have bought something. Either way its a annoying bug that needs to be fixed. Not being able to delete the numbers all the way without highlighting them. Lol
  7. Charlie Smith

    A Daily Dose of RKO

    Yes, yes you were
  8. Charlie Smith

    A Daily Dose of RKO

  9. Charlie Smith

    Adding a Littlebird Enhancement mod

    +1 This feature would be amazing to have for everyone!
  10. Charlie Smith

    Arma 3

    Arma 3 I dont think would fit the name "Our Life RPG". The server grew on Arma 2 and I think it should stay that way. Although a Arma 3 server would be nice for the arma 3 fans but it should be a side project, not A main project.
  11. Charlie Smith

    PMC issues

    Explain ONE reason why we need to be strict? Complaints are not a reason to be strict. Not to mention there is only ONE command in PMC right now and that's proton. LT's don't count as "Command" they count as any other normal person in PMC just with different responsibilities.
  12. Charlie Smith

    PMC issues

    Look, in PMC we don't care what ranks we are. We are not strict because everyone gets along. If you join PMC you will understand that command is only strict when they NEED to be. Your right. It is a video game. Also PMC is having fun. If you don't wanna be killed by us either contract us or don't shoot at us. Simple. I agree with this. It should be Director and 2 Commanders.
  13. Charlie Smith

    State of PMC

  14. Charlie Smith

    PMC With PD

  15. Charlie Smith

    PMC With PD


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