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  1. goaty

    Dimitri M | 23/11/18 | Ban Appeal

  2. goaty

    samcr | 22/11/18 I Ban Appeal

  3. goaty

    Recent Events and Bans

    @Jorge Benson , @A. Smith Relevancy... Your comments aren't appropriate for the current topic.
  4. goaty

    So whats up?

    never left?
  5. goaty

    Name Change Requests

    @OneShot Too early for those!
  6. goaty

    Name Change Requests

    @Rod @Andy Way too early for those.
  7. I am going to be monitoring this topic. Any and all unnecessary comments will be removed. I want replies that will help increase the chance of success or effectiveness. If you're going to type anything, make sure it serves the purpose please. This isn't a topic for your anger and hate comments, many of them aren't, but you leave them anyway. Help OurLifeRPG flourish
  8. goaty

    Lewis Thompson | 07/11/18 - UK | Ban Appeal

    This ban is being lifted on stipulation that your next (which will be your third) ban for disrespect will be permanent. I can't remove the server ban atm but the ts ban should be gone. Let me know if you have trouble joining.
  9. I can't message anyone privately and can not put in a ban appeal? Please help!!!

  10. goaty


    +1 I'll be locking this topic.
  11. goaty


    You are, because making that post isn't how you handle being disrespected. Let me see you disagree with that... The point I've been making for FOREVER is we have support rooms and there is internal affairs. If there's an issue ingame with police, take it to internal affairs. If there is an issue with a player, take it to support. If there is an issue with a staff member, make a complaint with Senior Staff (or utilize the complaint form). There are methods. Doing what you did isn't one of them. Ranting over global isn't one of them (not saying you do this, just saying). and people like to say they don't take things to support because "our staff team is shit." In that case follow chain of command, utilize discord, send messages out... in the description of requesting support it does say you can message someone after waiting 5 min+, following coc. Not trying to come at you, Harry. I don't really have a problem with you, or anyone in this community, as that would make having a higher role in it difficult. My problem is with the way some things are "accomplished."
  12. goaty


    Honestly Younes you should not have made this post. Instead you should have just went along with the attempt to change your behavior without announcement; it wasn't completely necessary. However, I appreciate you taking the initiative, if you actually intend to. There was no reason for this post to go sideways. Harry, I hate you. Emike I hate you too but only half way hehe. Harry is the main problem here. Keep your cancer to yourselves and off the forums, ts, and game servers please, thank you. We're here to play a game and have fun. That's all I won't lock the post now. I'm sure Younes wants more people to comment. If there is more negativity, however, it may be locked. This is not your high school. We don't like drama. Idk why it's so difficult for us all to get along. Also why the fuck do I keep getting these text messages telling me to go vote. Fuck off
  13. goaty

    Rowan Zed | 10/28/18| Ban Appeal

    Removed. Read the rules before joining the server https://ourliferpg.net/index.php?/rulesa2/ Let me know if you have a problem joining.
  14. goaty

    Name Change Requests

    @BlazeTheMaverick Just an H? Why not complete the last name
  15. goaty

    There's no way

    Who spawned the Bentley bad boy

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