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  1. Tino Wellington

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Honestly I have been apart of OLRPG for a long ass time and I feel like its one of the best servers out there. none compare. honestly I think just add new stuff to the map or make the map just a tad bigger, thats the only thing that is boring. the fact that its just mostly cops and robbers. not much to do so maybe adding a new map and more things to do would be lit
  2. Tino Wellington

    List of Suggestions

    I agree but currently Casino is either not working or devs are withholding the Pin back lol
  3. Tino Wellington

    Remove the GoPro rule?

    I agree with above but what is the point of even attempting to be a "Corrupt" cop when you are instantly removed because someone salty reports you, maybe there should be a system inside of IA that gives "Cop Warnings" e.g
  4. Tino Wellington

    Healing Animationn

    ^ I am nuetral aswell, tbh you can heal while running and taking cover so shouldnt be a biggy
  5. Tino Wellington

    List of Suggestions

    Suggestion: Change the gang menu to a perm system instead of buying a gang each restart, also add a function where you can buy "Gang Houses" as well as houses for yourself. Add more legal and Illegal stuff to do, as the map is quite small and not much to do but Cops vs Robbers Realistically. Try and add more attractions such as Casino, Federal Reserves, Evidence Lockers e.g add more sights to rebel the acog is trash lol Edit the virtual inventory for certain vehicles like the orca, and some of the bigger houses to have more space add a DOC so that the jail is not extremely boring, or atleast add a function like ALRP where you can search the trashcan for lockpicks e.g and attempt to break out from the inside < I know this could sound like a bad Idea but honestly its good as it brings more roleplay into the game and more things for cops to do. add or edit the Roleplay rules, as to valuing life and what is exactly classed as Initiation. Why: Most of these suggestions are quite good and I believe would improve the roleplay in the community please +1 if you like some of these. the Communities feedback is well needed.
  6. Tino Wellington

    Thank you Senior Staff and Devs

    +1 Even in arma 2 this was a great community, I for one am more than happy to be here. I have lots of fun times and RP moments, keep up the good work
  7. Tino Wellington

    [CLOSED] Virgin Police Department - VPD

    Lets all agree ALRP is trash we are going to bring justice to the Virgin Police Department in OurLifeRPG with better RP and situations if you have a problem with any of the gang members please deal with it ingame in a proper and reasonable roleplay manner do not troll thanks
  8. Virgin Police Department We are the Virgin Police Department And we are looking to bring Roleplay to the community Description: Description: VPD Was Formed by a small group of people on another island where we controlled every illegal run possible sadly the island was becoming more empty each day so we decided to move to here where we can now focus on - Cartels and the main drug routes We are here to stay VPD is a group of people with alot of mixed skills in combat to flying to co-ordinating and we hope to put them to good use and for good reasons. Roster and Information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Rv1JrOC0XF-LZSC7On7YDx33xpmplnJFpZgJZDkDmJU/edit#gid=0 Happy Game Roleplayers
  9. Tino Wellington

    Gang System - Official Gangs

    Im going to give this a fat +1 aswell should be a thing I like the organisation of the requirements, gang bases and uniforms sound lit too
  10. Tino Wellington

    Arma 3 life Characters

    Can you please try and add some sort of female characters and clothing - to try and bring more female gamers to OurLifeRPG

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