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  1. EMS Application 1. Your TS name (should be same as ingame) Answer: Steven Tolbit 2. What is your Player ID? Answer: 76561198113124819 3. What is your age? Answer: 24 4. How far are you looking to go with in EMS. Answer: As far as possible 5. Are you willing to do training to become part of EMS. Answer: Yes 6. Why should we pick you over any other EMS Applicant. Answer: Because I am very active and love playing the role of EMS. 7. Are you willing to put in the time to become the best EMS. Answer: Yes ofcourse. 8. What can you tell us about you that will help us pick you. Answer: I have been playing arma 2 for a very long time I spent most of my EMS time on arma 3 servers but I have come back to arma 2 and really fell in love with the role so wanted to try it out and join the team. Please Do not not Poke or PM command staff till two days has pasted, with no response.

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