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  1. Dman121100


    Guys, he isn't talking about building stuff... he's talking about the Y Animation menu... civs use to have it but it was moved cuz ppl exploited them in handcuffs
  2. Dman121100

    Lets make OLRPG Great again

    Don't talk about my lord and savior donald trump.
  3. What's your roleplay name?: Dman1211 How old are you?: 17 Why do you wan't to join the Sheriff's Office: Because I miss Arma 2, I miss the community, I miss role playing as a cop. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: Because I've been an experienced player that has been in OL since the start of the server, I love the people, I've matured a lot, I've commanded sub divisions, I've been a supervisor numerous times. I'm a friendly guy who knows the community well. Tell us about yourself?: I'm in the New York State National Guard and it was my biggest and best decision of my life so far, I also work at walmart and am taking criminal justice half of my school day at the sheriff's department. I'm bad a grammar and I have plenty of spare time Anything you would like to add?: I will be getting shipped out next year in July. I [Dayten O / Dman1211] declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  4. Dman121100

    Upcoming Modpack / Mission File Update

    dammit, I was dying to play today lol. Whatever, next week is close
  5. Dman121100

    Raffle Winners: Construction Simulator 2015

    it started in august 15th 2017 xD
  6. Dman121100

    Raffle Winners: Construction Simulator 2015

    so how do I claim my prize o.o
  7. Dman121100

    Looking for Staff Members!

    acceptations are usually made but you'd probably want to get some staff members to vogue for you
  8. Dman121100

    Police Department Suggestion Box

    Name: Dman1211 Rank: Sgt. What is your suggestion: My suggestion is to re-add the DEADdem cars along-side the current police cars. I believe one of the most heard suggestions from the time I've been back to this server is speaking about how much they loved these cars, and why were they even removed. I'd love to see this compromise for PD, the gentlemen who disliked DEADdems can drive the "old" cars, whilst the people who do, can drive the newer models. I understand the huge mess that unfolded with them wanting it removed, but I believe we should have the ability to use them, and to enjoy them as intended. It would also increase the desire to rank up within the Police Department, seeing the desire for the Interceptor, and the 2015 Dodge Charger. If it's allowed, I would also like to see the old cars re-skinned to look like the DEADdem ones, for a more modern, and touched up look. Do you have any Forms or Pictures: https://youtu.be/3jvP7SzOnjo https://youtu.be/9k2svZBim2c Deaddem models cause issues with the server. Not going to happen until fixed, which will most likely be never. Sorry. - Charlie
  9. Dman121100


  10. Dman121100

    Broken PD Medal Box

    wish I could still use it for when it was broken for me ;-;
  11. Dman121100

    add in a fake PD uniform

    +1 @Foster
  12. Dman121100

    Night Patrol

    no it doesn't LOL

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