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  1. Nick Martinez

    Police Department Suggestion Box

    Name: Nick Martinez Rank: Rookie Patrol What is your suggestion: Add Department of human resources, HR can help with the organization, Cadet tags, Cadet Tests, ETC. Also, add Reports for promotions which will go to HR to be processed and have HR hand out all the tags. To sum it up it will greatly impact organization and just generally help out PD Command. Do you have any Forms or Pictures:
  2. Nick Martinez

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

    3 Things 1. Younes, Your an idiot 2. Michael is the goat 3.
  3. Nick Martinez

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: ELITE New Name: Nick Martinez Reason For Change: Arma 3
  4. Nick Martinez

    420 ben

  5. Nick Martinez


    Looking through my old hardrive and found this... #RipRedweedAndRod
  6. Nick Martinez

    New Rule to be added.

    Rule Number: Not a rule yet What part of the rule should be changed and why?: N/A Wording Example: There should be a rule that to get out of a pursuit you can not jump off cliffs. Because I have multiple people just drive off cliffs into the water and jump out so they die and fall into the water so they cant be revived. its honestly FAILRP ad this rule should be added Under FAILRP
  7. Nick Martinez

    Taviana Layout

    oh nvm xD
  8. Nick Martinez

    Taviana Layout

    NOOOOOO Lets use the bridge atleast do half of the other part
  9. EMS Application 1. Your TS name (should be same as ingame) Answer: ELITE 2. What is your Player ID? Answer: 76561198129456421 (I think if not right contact me) 3. What is your age? Answer: 13 4. How far are you looking to go with in EMS. Answer: Very Far 5. Are you willing to do training to become part of EMS. Answer: Yes 6. Why should we pick you over any other EMS Applicant. Answer: Because I used to be in EMT and also I have been in the community for a very long time and will be able to respond to calls as quick as I can! 7. Are you willing to put in the time to become the best EMS. Answer: Yes 8. What can you tell us about you that will help us pick you. Answer: I used to be in FD but got removed because of a random hour requirement change that I did not see and got removed from EMT. But now that I actually have time for it I want to rejoin! Please Do not not Poke or PM command staff till two days has pasted, with no response.
  10. Nick Martinez

    Day and Night Cycle

    Yeah but Night for most people dont RIP FPS I had a Laptop that had a crappy CPU and still ran about 5 FPS Higher on night because it does not have to load all of the sun rays and stuff like that.
  11. Nick Martinez

    Day and Night Cycle

    Suggestion: We should bring back the day and night cycle Why: Alot of people have asked for it and it brings RP to a another level
  12. Nick Martinez

    #Big 15

  13. Nick Martinez


    i know there is...
  14. Nick Martinez


    Mk. What u need me to do submit LOA for U???
  15. Nick Martinez

    Police and Civ Revive


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