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  1. Daeron Decker

    What's going on guys?

    Actually, it's quite fine how it is now. When the economy was being made we (me and Aidan on the sell prices section) had an idea which was to make in small quantity illegal methods not as profitable compared to the legal method however in large quantity's the illegal method would be more profitable than the legal method you know for balance I guess. I just think none of us actually mentioned this idea once it was finished so it nothing got changed to fit the economy like the weight of the items etc besides the cars of course. though maybe it was changed near the end with Matt and Goaty going over it since we only briefly mentioned this, everything seems relatively close to what we had on the sheet in the first place though. Stryker was there forgot what he did but he did something with the Vi i'm pretty sure.
  2. Daeron Decker

    Kill Feed System

    huh, what??? how would civs be at a disadvantage at a visual notification on if they killed someone? I don't think this visual notification of a kill feed would give anyone an advantage other than knowing if you killed someone I doubt it would have any negative effect plus you get told who killed you anyway so what's the point? it's just not voiced to everyone only you. and it would only be a problem with the cops getting revived if there getting combat revived plus ems time they have to wait before reviving cus of gunshots is pretty fucking short.
  3. Daeron Decker

    Kill Feed System

  4. "Suggestion: I say we make an actual Official Gang System for the most popular and or influential gangs on our server which will give Official Gangs to get exclusive cosmetical items like which would have a base of 1 Uniform, 1 Hat or Helmet, 1 Mask or Glasses, and 1 Plate Carrier Vest, and 1 BackPack they can have 1 of each but would require them to texture the items themselves as you would not be able to just have normal non-exclusive textured items as your official gang clothing. Requirements for an Official Gang The Requirements to be eligible to be classed as an official gang would be - 4+ Active Members. 5 Weeks of good behavior with the gang itself and it's 4 or more members not being convicted of a rule break. All members being members of the community for at least 1 month. Senior Administrations recommendation. (this is a W.I.P as tbh it might be easier for you to fil a form out and in 1 month of that form being filled out if you check out after SA+ looking into the gang then you can be transformed into an Official Gang) All Members not being affiliated ever with anyone found or known for - hacking, exploiting, glitching, cheating, ddosing, doxxing, swatting. Disciplinary Action for an Official Gang So we just went over the requirements to be eligible to be an official gang but what disciplinary action towards a gang and it's members if found breaking server rules or is just being generally hateful, toxic and unwelcoming. Well gangs found being hateful, toxic and unwelcoming currently don't have any action towards them, it will be completely up to staff if they decide that will allow that type of gang to exist on the server or if they want to forcefully disband it. However, Gangs found breaking server rules will receive a PERMANENT Gang strike. Gang's are able to receive 3 strikes in total, gang strikes will be handed out when members of the same gang are caught breaking server rules, gang strikes can be handed out to a gang by Administrators if 2 or more of there gang members are found to be in violation of a server rule. However, gang members found to be alone and not playing with any other gang members may not have a gang strike imposed on his/her gang as they were playing by themselves and not with gang members. Gang strikes can only be removed by Senior Administrators if the strike was found to be improper or placed with no actual rule break to happen, Strikes can only be placed by Administrators+, however, any staff member can temporarily stop a gang from coordinating together if found breaking server rules or attempting to. if lower than Administrator they must receive approval from Administrators+ Official Gang Clothing and Rewards As stated before for your own official gang clothing you are required to have them made as server staff will not supply you with custom uniform textures. All gang clothing must either have your gang name or logo printed on there clothing meaning each piece of clothing besides a bandana's, glasses and other masks must have the gangs name and or logo printed on it. Gang's clothing must be of the same pattern and color and may not have mismatched clothing e.g. green vest yet blue hat and a blue and red uniform. As stated Gang clothing must be of the same pattern and color. Gang clothing may also not be identical or look-alike to EMS and ECSO faction clothing. Once you have been given the status of an Official Gang you not only will you be able to get custom gang clothing but you will receive a custom gang tag in Teamspeak and a Gang Channel - 1 Main Channel and 2 Sub Channels. The main channel must state your gang name at all time's the secondary channels may be turned into whatever you would like e.g. a gang members lounge a waiting room a command office etc. Gangs may KOS any person not in there gang found wearing there clothing. Here's a chart if your too lazy to read on what gangs will get. 1 Uniform. 1 Vest. 1 Hat or Helmet. 1 BackPack. Custom TeamSpeak Tag. Custom TeamSpeak Channels. KOS priveledges on personal wearing there clothing who are not in the gang. Official Gang Positions and Applications All gangs must have a leader and lieutenant or equivalent. Gangs may have there own custom ranking structure even similar to military and law enforcement as long as it still has it's leader and lieutenant or equivalent and a member rank/position. Gangs may not decline applicants for there faction e.g. declining someone because he is apart of the police force, however, you may decline someone for there affiliation with another gang or person. Gangs found to have a "shadow government" or equivalent will be instantly disbanded and the public gang leaders will be banned from ever starting an official gang permanently the same will happen to people exposed to be the "shadow government" of a gang. sorry about the spelling and other mistakes that are somewhere in here. this is completely just an idea if anyone has any ideas on ways to improve or any constructive or logical feedback on the idea please let me know. also, I know we don't have any popular and or influential gangs on our server but a man can hope Why: Honestly just thought it up and took things from previous gang systems I have experienced over my time on a3 and a2 life servers, also thought it would be a good way to get gang clothing implemented on the server without having to buy it witch people told me we can't sell to get so ye.
  5. Daeron Decker

    Remove GoPro Rule

    Acceptable evidence has to be recorded with a GoPro to get an active case to wither it be about Minor Corruption, Unprofessional Conduct etc and if it's not on it cant be used against you unless it's breaking the server rules aka selling police gear and items so if you want every recording to be able to be used against you go right ahead especially the ones that people have already but can't use because no GoPro. Personally, I like this rule since it adds a roleplay aspect to our extremely watered down and frag hungry roleplay on our server.
  6. Daeron Decker

    Update SD protocol?

    God damn right, I want more case's because all you guys ever do is complain and never actually put in a complaint about something to be done about it.
  7. Daeron Decker

    Update SD protocol?

    If they do it they run a risk of repercussion just like everything else, it again is an SD rule as you said meaning that if they don't want to follow it, they don't have to they just run the risk of getting punishment in SD for it.
  8. Daeron Decker

    Update SD protocol?

    Honestly, why should they when you guys don't either? don't exactly make sense for them to go 300m when they're more likely to get shot trying to go 300m than just getting revived and hiding. Half of the time EMS gets caught up in the crossfire because everyone starts shotting again even though they're meant to reinitiate because there haven't been any shots in like 3 or so minutes so they have to stop and then the people that need to go 300m just get shot again or just straight up disregard it, there isn't much we can do when people only complain and don't try to do anything to help fix it.
  9. Daeron Decker

    Removing Some Buildings

    not really its just i got the shittest one possible lmao ryzen 5 CPUs are actually quite good, good for streaming tbh
  10. Honestly if someone came to me with a video of someone not valuing there life i would just place it under FailRP. This is gods work this god dam needs to be in. Well they shouldn't be posting up at 200m and shooting into the station without verbal initiation however they can once the direct verbal initiation requirement is filled at least to the knowledge available to me. Verbal initiation is required in pretty much every situation where a deputy has to use his "authority" to issue orders (The orders are generally the initiation anyway.) only time it isn't required is if they are actively shooting at you or another deputy(and civilians i think but i generally just reinitiate just 2 be safe). Any deputy they discharges there firearm or taser on a subject without giving orders(initiation) is liable for repercussion with the exception stated above. also to be honest if you get shoot while taking a cop hostage then your doing things wrong because most of the time it's because the guys trying to take the hostage are in the open with literally nothing to hide behide and are surrounded by multiple officers due to him knowing that hes gonna get kidnapped as soon as yall start to slow down the car he already hitting his panic however if they were to shoot you as you were standing behide the hostage and you were in the building then that is a different story. though in both instances i agree verbal initiation should be mandatory before any action is taken.
  11. Daeron Decker

    Removing Some Buildings

    1050 ti EOCE Ryzen 3 1200 OC 8Gb DDR4 on a normal harddrive only time i have problims is when getting in the server for the first time where the textures need to load 4 the first time.20-30 in the city around 40-50 out and the like fucking 13 in jail lmao.
  12. Daeron Decker

    Removing Some Buildings

    Honestly, the last world ran fine even in the south if anything is affecting the framerate it would be the overhaul on the houses and to be fair I got a $500 AUD budget pc and still runs well enough 4 it to be playable.
  13. Daeron Decker

    Teamspeak Suggestion

    I'm generally always on the Teamspeak and available regardless of time though if you do message me it may take a bit before I see your message, you should also be able to poke me so must have been on when I was off, I'll be on most of today and tomorrow so if I see you on i can hook you up with all the information & inquiries you may have as long as I'm able to answer them.
  14. Daeron Decker

    Quick Update + Need Suggestions

    Not sure if it's already in or if it has already been said but add a weapons factory where you have the ability to craft better guns than ones that you can buy maybe idk just an idea.. kinda just want to play tbh.
  15. Daeron Decker


    Hi, as Sharky(Jackel) said we are moving over to Arma 3, there isn't an A3 server up atm nor an estimated time on when it should be up. We have a public Trello up though for you to view all the development teams progress https://trello.com/b/zqBYHOKb/ourliferpg-new-a3.

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