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  1. Derek Graham

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    Target Audience Reached
  2. Derek Graham

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    an* acoustic mentally challenged individual (Gotta be PC bro).
  3. Derek Graham

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    EMS will continue to remain a whitelisted faction within Arma 3. 1) Our command staff and operational members within Arma 3 were very active, some online at all times when the server was populated. 2) All players CAN join EMS, the application process was not hard and will be just as easy in Arma 3. 3) The whitelisting is to prevent tomfoolery within the faction. "I don't want to see a bunch of random people on EMS crashing their ambulances into Garry" - Corpsman_Graham 2k18
  4. Derek Graham

    Medical Custody Discussion

    This rule had been redefined after a few incidents with the ECFD at the time when we were first on Arma 3. Instead of requiring EVERY single type of injury that could have occurred from the simplest to most severe type of incidents, it was narrowed down to only require civilians to cooperate if they had internal bleeding or severe injuries. These two injuries within the medical system in place is only treatable at the hospital via ambulance ride or in quite a few cases, completely opposing any sort of roleplay with EMS, hopping into a gang members, fellow deputy, or friends vehicle and having them drive to the hospital instead. In these exceedingly rare incidents were the only times that medical custody took a firm grasp and allowed paramedics to participate with the community heavily. After the rule was redefined, medical custody became uncommon due to the lack of these life threatening injuries appearing in the medical system. I believe that keeping that small part to the medical custody ruling, and ONLY allowing it in those cases would be greatly beneficial for all EMS. I would very much like to work on this to make sure that it is not abused and to partner with the police department so that we can increase effective communication between our factions. By allowing PD to take control of scenes without medical custody superseding PD jurisdiction, I would like to make it so that effective communication and training is all that is needed to get someone to the hospital before they succumb to their injuries. However, if EMS is the first to arrive on scene without a PD presence, I would like to maintain a small factor of medical custody so these uncommon calls don't become a rarity for EMS and our RP abilities don't remain limited as they were within Arma 2.
  5. Derek Graham

    Put up the server

  6. Derek Graham

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    FYI: If we DO go to Cicada, we will have to redo EVERY single texture file and it will take a lot longer to complete.
  7. Arma 3 Vehicles + Buggy Ass Hilly Ass Cicada = People complaining every 10 seconds because their tires break on EVERY fucking pursuit
  8. Derek Graham

    bird day

  9. Derek Graham

    Fuel Siphon Kit Removal

    The problem is that they're doing it on traffic stops when it is against the rules. If you see it occurring and are able to record, please let staff know.
  10. Derek Graham

    Life is Feudal: Your Own

    Talk to senior staff about it maybe? It might be possible to host it through OLRPG if a large amount of people want to play it together here.
  11. Derek Graham

    Fuel Siphon Kit Removal

    @Stabidy If you see those little fuckers doing it on traffic stops, remember this lovely rule here: Attempting to Rob an Officer/s at a Traffic Stop is Counted as "Fail RP". YOU WILL BE PUNISHED ACCRODING TO THE OFFENCE. Under no Circumstances are you allowed to INTERRUPT AN ONGOING "Role Play" Situation. Also if anyone sees EMS doing this shit, let me know immediately and please record if you can.
  12. Derek Graham

    Eli Hutchinson Ts3 ban

    You were banned for ONE hour in TS3 because you kept coming back to Requesting support and asking "How many more times can I harass Jackson until I get banned?"
  13. Derek Graham

    Boxes for Weapons?

    Then how do you go about proving that they actually bought the guns in the box? I've been there before when we still had boxes to find guns and ammo already purchased multiple times.

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