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  1. Derek Graham

    What's the plan?

    You're adorable
  2. Ofcourse they said no, that was expected
  3. Ahhhh, don't care then xD
  4. I believe that we need immediate action with Senior Staff, Garry would be the best fitted for the position considering his status as the Lead Developer. I don't want this server to die out, I've had a lot of good times here. This is not meant to be an insult to our current Senior Staff, I know you are all busy with your lives, but we need someone to take action to hopefully save the server.
  5. Derek Graham

    What's the plan?

    #DNR . . . maybe? Idk
  6. Derek Graham

    What's the plan?

  7. Derek Graham

    Rule Suggestions

    All instances of Medical Custody need to removed and rules containing instances of the rule need to be amended. 7.3 Medical Custody Once you have been revived by EMS, EMS must tell you vocally whether you are in medical custody or if you are free to go. EMS can put into medical custody to evaluate your health or if your safety is at risk (Example: You are a police officer and have been downed by a gang and said gang is still in very close proximity actively engaging police officers). EMS can only transport you to the hospital if you have additional injuries, or if you were placed into medical custody because your safety was at risk. In addition, you may also be transferred to the custody of the ECSO and must comply with the EMS. Failing to follow this rules will lead to punishment. 4.29 New Life Rule (NLR) At Our Life RPG there is no such thing as a "New Life", this means everything you do sticks with you until stat wipe (which only happen once every three months). But don't worry most places only care about the last two weeks of your history, so this means you won't be screwed over for something that happened a month ago. Having no new life rule means when you die you don't completely die, in the event you are downed and picked back up by EMS you keep all your gear and can continue with your current RP situation however, you must follow Medical Custody rules if EMS decides to take you into Medical Custody. In the event you are downed and not picked up by EMS you will wake up in the hospital and lose anything you were carrying on you when you went down. You will not be given a "new life" and all warrants will still be active. I think rule 5.2 needs to be amended to account for other civilians/deputies who pose a threat to your friend from long distances away. IE) A support case was left in a grey area because a friend drove to casino from North Union to take down an officer that posed a long distance threat by use of a sniper rifle. However, this does not mean that a friend can open fire on other civilians/deputies from far away. 5.2 Friends Civilians that are not in a gang together but have a roleplay connection with each other are able to assist each other if they are wearing the same easily identifiable clothing and are in close proximity to the initiation of the roleplay. Friends must follow the gang member rules.
  8. Derek Graham

    [CLOSED] Virgin Police Department - VPD

    You want to create a "gang" called the Virgin Police Department where it's not really a Police Department but a drug cartel with a symbol of two pink dildos in the shape of a V. It'd be smart to expect some sort of negativity even if it's not warranted against how you already act.
  9. Suggestion: Reduce the gang establishment charge from $125,000 to $45,000. Why: There are many players who are requesting that the cost to establish gangs be reduced because they are currently spending $125k per restart to establish one. Media: N/A Download: N/A
  10. Derek Graham

    Warehouse Renting

    Wooooo! Grand Theft Auto!! +1 though!
  11. Derek Graham


    -1 I don't recall the last time my GoPro still had a red dot on its screen.
  12. Derek Graham

    Arma 3 life Characters

    How about we calm down and respect other people. There's no room for that kind of attitude in a simple suggestion thread.
  13. Derek Graham

    EMS Ratio

    I will look into this, currently further restrictions are being put into place early because of professional conduct issues within the department.

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