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  1. Charles Dennis

    Foster is a Child Predator (allegedly)

    @Foster what do you have to say for yourself regarding the allegations that you are a child predator?
  2. Charles Dennis

    Remove GoPro Rule

    1.6 Evidence & GoPros In order for a member of staff to make a decision on a case there must be sufficient evidence in the form of an audio/visual recording. Should there be no evidence the staff member has the right to immediately withdraw from the case and move you out, however they will attempt to assist you if possible. I would keep this section. GoPros can be bought from any general store, you must press use on the GoPro and have the red dot active for any video evidence to be considered valid for any RP use. You do not need to have a active GoPro for support issues. This section I agree should be removed. Especially from a Law Enforcement perspective. With modern day policing most patrol cars automatically activate the body camera when you initiate any of your code sequences in order to prevent forgetting to activate it. If there was a way to develop it so that if a cop initiates any of the code sequences then I would keep it.
  3. What's your Ingame name?: Charles Dennis Player ID: 76561198085395050 How old are you?: 27 Why do you want to join the Police Department?: I would like to re-join the police department because I used to really enjoy it. How can you contribute to the Department?: With my previous experience in high command, I feel that I would be a valuable asset to the Polie Department. Do you have any experience?: Yes both in real life and on OurLife RPG. I was formally the Captain of the Cicada County Sheriff's Department. I Charles Dennis, declare that I will follow all Department Rules/Protocols and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  4. Charles Dennis

    Police Criminal Code Suggestions

    Is there a vehicle code as well?
  5. Charles Dennis


    Why did you leave?
  6. Charles Dennis

    Street names

    Make a Dennis ST in Sheriff town?
  7. Charles Dennis

    Cicada Fire & Rescue Suggestion Form

    Link has been updated so that if you click on Issac or Michael's link it will take you to the one Michael posted..
  8. -1 Part of the CPD and CCSO job is to be prepared for any crime that may be committed. Failure to be able to respond properly and handle a situation simply means that better training and policies need to be implemented.
  9. Charles Dennis

    Where have I been?

    Hope you wreck and die Mr. CR England xD
  10. Charles Dennis

    Where have I been?

    Hey Mr
  11. Charles Dennis

    Where have I been?

    So I am sure a lot of people have been wondering where in the hell have I been lately. So a couple months ago my laptop went down and I sent it off to MSI to have it repaired via warranty repair. Well I still do not have it back. If I do not receive it back in the near future I plan on getting another one to get me by just so I can do my staff related duties. As several of you know I still hop on TS via my cell phone but that is not feasible for doing staff interviews or anything related. If I am on you can always ask me any question that you may have and I do still attempt to help in support cases.
  12. Charles Dennis

    Unban appeal

    As the banning staff member in this case. I can say based on experience Jerrod has been warned numerous times for breaking Global without RP. He has also been banned for this offense in the past such as here. Due to the fact that he has been banned for this instance in the past he received a ban for the second offense of breaking Global without RP therefor making it justified. He was indeed warned prior to the ban as well as everyone else breaking Global without RP: 10:24 AM | RCon admin #3: (Global) BattleEye: Global is for RP Only. Next person to break it gets banned no questions asked. K Thanks 10:25 AM | (Global) Ben: I don't see how vehicle theft is violent tho 10:32 AM | (Global) Ben: *T* Oops 10:35 AM | (Global) Kirikyuu: same xD 10:52 AM | (Global) Mertenez: *T* ALL CIVS AT POT FARM HANDS UP ANY MOVE U WILL BE SHOT 114 AM | (Global) Jerrod: mertenz 116 AM | (Global) Jerrod: u cant do that 117 AM | (Global) Kirikyuu: u cant do that 11:11 AM | (Global) Jerrod: u have to verbally initate 11:30 AM | Could not connect to BE Master 11:30 AM | Update attempt failed 11:34 AM | Player #8 Jerrod banned for 1080 minutes! 11:35 AM | Player #8 Jerrod (52fc2ff460fc2ce1cec1152b29c785ba) has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (Fail RP | 18 Hours | Charles Dennis | Jerrod) 11:39
  13. Charles Dennis

    This is Needed

    4.15: The Governor must use the specified governor vehicles (Limo, Security Taurus, or any vehicle in the Gov box) when traveling. This means you may not airlift or ferry the governor limo as it will be classified as Fail RP. 1. No you will not get vehicles with lights that is just dumb. 2. There is no need for any air vehicle for the governor. 3. You do not need any other weapons.
  14. Charles Dennis

    Role Play and OurLifeRPG

    Here at OurLifeRPG this is a role play server. The meaning behind role play is to play in a manner of which it would be in real life. That does not mean to run around and kill the police and intentionally get into shoot outs with cops/civs. We offer several non criminal things to do on the server such as Oil, Iron, Sand, Diamonds, Gold, hunting, fishing, etc. We also have several illegal options such as whale, robbing gas stations, Casino, Bank, drugs etc. I think that we all need to come together and work on having role play in this community as it can directly effect the player base.
  15. Charles Dennis

    Why is the sheriffs office so inactive?

    People will confuse inactivity for the face that we are not getting good quality people applying that do not have bans, and shit.

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