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  1. Jimmy Cork

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    sure did
  2. Jimmy Cork

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    if you go online first and stay on, the probability of more people joining goes from 2% to 100% which is an increase of 97%
  3. Jimmy Cork


    someone has way too much money to spend
  4. Jimmy Cork

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Jimmy Cork New Name: Adapter3 Reason For Change: Since A2 is up again im changing back to my original arma name.
  5. What's your roleplay name?: Jimmy Corck How old are you?: 17 Why do you wan't to join the Sheriff's Office: I want to make Erie County a safer place for our children and elderly. I have looked up to sheriffs since and now I want to take my chance and live my dream. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I know how to handle stressed situations. I'm good under command and can give commands. I have a clean record. I know out island well and have no problem locating somewhere. Tell us about yourself?: Hello, I'm Jimmy Corck born and have lived here my whole life. I have worked in all kinds of industries on the island and have always had a dream to be a sheriff and help our island out. Anything you would like to add?: No, Not that I know of. I Jimmy Cork declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  6. Jimmy Cork

    OurLifeRPG Tos is the exact same as this websites Tos

    Y'all have too much time on your hands.
  7. Jimmy Cork

    IS this a whitelisted server or not?

    Go to this post
  8. Jimmy Cork

    Rules tab is broken.

    I done goofed
  9. Jimmy Cork

    Rules tab is broken.

    I have a feeling something is wrong *Might just be me but was same on firefox* http://prntscr.com/jsv2k5
  10. Jimmy Cork

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Adapter3 New Name: Jimmy Cork Reason For Change:New Arma3 rules
  11. Jimmy Cork

    How can we improve?

    Bring back donor ; - ;
  12. Jimmy Cork

    change this

    Why is a thread from November 18 2017 bumped now ?
  13. Jimmy Cork

    Shorten Revive Timer

    The number 12 makes me uncomfortable.

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