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  1. Dimitri Morozov

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

  2. Dimitri Morozov

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    You didn't fully answer my suggestion, and the server is pretty boring to be honest, there is no content and the only fun thing on the server was playing with my friends. Nobody wants to play on here anymore and I don't know how you can revive this community, and I doubt you can.
  3. Dimitri Morozov

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    My suggestion is just to give up and shut it down and save some money. I'm not trolling or trying to be aids but you have no one to help you and I don't see how yourself is going to be able to revive this community, it was a good 3 years but nothing lives forever.
  4. Dimitri Morozov

    Lead Developer Garry(Luke Sheppard) for Senior Staff Campaign

    I agree with him being Senior Staff would not do anything plus he would not be a good one either, he is a good developer but he does abuse his powers.
  5. Dimitri Morozov

    Lead Developer Garry(Luke Sheppard) for Senior Staff Campaign

    How is making him senior staff going to help the server? (no offense, just a question)
  6. Dimitri Morozov

    What's the plan?

    My bad, more credit to you and the other dev.
  7. Dimitri Morozov

    What's the plan?

    Also would like to add I have been talking with a lot of people and the reason they didn't like playing on the server is because there is literally no content for civilians. So I'm hoping what the developers are working on is in the right direction to get the server going again.
  8. Dimitri Morozov

    What's the plan?

    First question : 2 maybe 3 weeks. Second question : I have no clue but I do hope so. Third question : I do agree they have been really quite and not said much, but from what I am seeing they are still working on updates for the server.
  9. Dimitri Morozov

    Question to form suggestions.

    PMC lmao
  10. Dimitri Morozov

    What's the plan?

    I've been on the dev server a bit and this next update is going to be huge! Definitely a civ update, the developers have really worked hard on this.
  11. Dimitri Morozov

    more things for civilians

    I can confirm, I have ran around the track 50 times while on meth with Jasta and its a nice area, I would love to rave go karts while im on meht!
  12. Dimitri Morozov

    Sorry for the hiatus

    Oh damn, looking at the Trello they are working on a lot of stuff especially for the civs
  13. Dimitri Morozov

    What's going on guys?

    I agree with roleplay is not going to help, neither cops or civs roleplay, I would suggest tho adding more content for civs because right now civs have nothing to do. + the trello isn't active so I'm not 100% sure but maybe the devs gave up
  14. Dimitri Morozov

    Arma 3 Ourlife RPG trailer?

    Give civs more stuff please.
  15. Dimitri Morozov

    Transferring money issue

    Wire transfer and the first time in happened is when I wired Daria Vidov 2 million which i am aware you can only transfer 999k at a time which i did twice and he only got 1 mil out of it.

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