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  1. Dimitri M.

    Dimitri M | 23/11/18 | Ban Appeal

    Dimitri M | 23/11/18 | Ban Appeal Ban Appeal Template In-Game Name (and any other names used)? Answer: Dimitri M Battleye GUID (you can find this by joining any BattlEye enabled server and typing "#beclient guid")? Answer: Ban Message? Answer: Nice Meme | Perm | Luke | Dimitri M (ts3) Staff member that issued the ban? Answer: Luke Shaw Why were you banned? Answer: Spaming PD timelogs Anything else you should tell us? Answer: What I did was pretty aids and I apologies for it. If I should stay banned its fine and totally understandable.
  2. Dimitri M.

    daeron thinking hes cool

  3. Dimitri M.

    Rule Enforcement

    Thats how i got PD suspended lmao.
  4. Dimitri M.

    South PD Bug

    Bug: Not able to change clothes in the South PD Base Description: I get a error message when I try to change my clothes at South PD Base Media: https://gyazo.com/c9d0923604e1922da5972da0dcd2682a
  5. Dimitri M.

    Making in-game Tiers

    Pretty much, I play video games all day in my parents basement.
  6. Dimitri M.

    Making in-game Tiers

    Hmm, that sounds fine but I think what could be good is if you can earn like Teamspeak tier badges or somthing.
  7. Dimitri M.

    Making in-game Tiers

    What rewards would you get?
  8. Dimitri M.

    Police Department Suggestion Box

    Will be added soon -Foster
  9. Dimitri M.

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name : Dimitri Decker New Name : Dimitri M. Reason For Change : Arma 2
  10. Dimitri M.

    So You Want To Join K-9? Click For More.

    What time zone do you live in?
  11. Dimitri M.

    Rescue The Most Wanted Man In Cicada - RP Event

    +1, We were told not to escort the convoy which I have no problem with but I do think it should've been S.W.A.T. escorting the convoy because we are trained to do these kinds of stuff lmao.
  12. Dimitri M.

    Unfuck Phase 2 (Completed)

    Charlie is right now the chief for PD
  13. Dimitri M.

    The Future of Arma 2

    Either Charlie (Our current sheriff) is in charge or I want senior staff to vote for the PD
  14. Dimitri M.

    The Future of Arma 2

    I feel like senior staff should vote.

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