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  1. Justin Nolan

    So whats up?

    still fucked
  2. Justin Nolan

    I really hope this never happens again...

    I firmly believe that with enough work Cicada could be a great map. It has its flaws but has been largely successful on this community. Even if you used Kelley's Island for the time being and then worked on Cicada. But then again - the vote was rigged from the start. <23:42:28> "TheGamingChief™": ? <23:42:38> "Justin Nolan": how come some of the votes were converted somehow <23:42:41> "Justin Nolan": for the map choice <23:43:07> "Justin Nolan": just curious <23:43:12> "Justin Nolan": not trying to start anything <23:43:26> "TheGamingChief™": Fake accounts, IP board is kinda aids could only change or delete the votes. If people are going to make fake accounts and vote for something I'm going to give them a unindedied effect <23:43:34> "Justin Nolan": who was fake <23:43:36> "TheGamingChief™": could only change <23:43:40> "TheGamingChief™": couldn't delete
  3. I love eating at The Bell

  4. Justin Nolan

    We need to do something.

    why would he care if people are funding the server without seeing any changes? it just encourages the lazy and poor behavior that this post shows. hes probably spent more time crying, whining, and replying in this single thread than he has worrying about the state of / developing for the server. this post will truly accomplish nothing and will continue to go back and forth.
  5. Justin Nolan

    We need to do something.

    are you big mad or little mad
  6. Justin Nolan

    We need to do something.

    if only we had content to release though be real
  7. Justin Nolan

    We need to do something.

    it's almost like, despite how much work goes into it, people get bored of essentially the same content after a while
  8. Justin Nolan

    We need to do something.

    am i wrong though
  9. Justin Nolan

    We need to do something.

    it doesnt matter if you have a shitty staff team
  10. Justin Nolan

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    i hate europeans
  11. Justin Nolan

    One Life Rule Vote

    I'm not sure I completely understand where this hate for crime suddenly arose. We have not even seen what a competent group of criminals can do on Arma3, especially the way it is set up. I think we should take baby steps before fully reprimanding the way you play. Very seldom on the server does a group get away with mass crime like a killing spree. On Los Santos, sure. It was very difficult to have an organized crime fighting unit but Erie County is completely different. I strongly feel that the police department can handle crime completely different than what we saw on Arma2. I also believe it may be premature to worry about what certain members will do when they play the faction they choose.
  12. Justin Nolan

    One Life Rule Vote

    Probably a little too long. I think if this were the case a time limit of two hours, or even have a automatic restart every ~six hours and then cancel lockout then would be a lot better than a whole day. You want to avoid making it feel as if you're being locked out and should allow people to freely play what they want, so having a shorter timer will allow the server to be more populated and will prevent the whole idea of S.E.R.T. going on civilian, killing everyone, and then swapping factions. KOTH has a function where if you play a certain faction for X amount of time you cannot switch over.
  13. Justin Nolan

    One Life Rule Vote

    What do you suggest? All ArmA life servers are truly only what you said. You make money, spend money, and do crime. You are claiming this is a problem but offer no solution to it. There truly is not much more to add in terms of content besides little things here and there. People always sketch up the idea of owning a shop or having a job on this, but I am truly unsure where the idea that getting on a server just to work is fun. Unless you are in a role, such as Sheriff or EMS that is technically a job, having one will not provide you with the satisfaction that you believe it will, and trust me when I say this, but you are falsifying an idea that you will be able to role play with others all of the time owning this shop. Sitting in your vehicle as a Sheriff Deputy is boring enough, so I can tell you that sitting in a shop will not be much better. Option 2 is seriously a little tweaked version of what we currently have, which is not working. This server would be much more lively if the rule was removed, and option 3 was implemented. A huge reason, as Monkey said, that A2 & OLRPG was successful for so long was because of a groundbreaking, intuitive, and active police department. The community is hindered by the lack of freedom to play the role you wish without restriction, be it Civilian, Sheriff, or EMS. If option 3 was implemented, I guarantee the population would not feel that the server is boring because you would not risk anything to do what you freely want. It only helps the server if you prevent any measures to hinder different sections of the server. Both EMS and Sheriff grow in size, which in return, and truly help grow the population - and grows the civilian population because I, for example, do not have to worry about what I do on a different faction. You also have to remember that it took a lot of development before A2 was in a good place, and time is something that this community needs. Although, looking at the poll results thus far - it seems we are taking another step in the wrong direction if we end up with solution 1 or 2, which are virtually the same.
  14. Justin Nolan


    I was looking at the map the other day and noticed that poaching turtle was on the edge of the map. I am unsure if scuba gear and the SDAR are currently in stores but it may be worth looking into adding more turtle spots or moving it more inland. This is the map, for reference. Fishing area (Turtle) is at the bottom left of the map and I do not feel many will invest their time to hunt turtle with other options.

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