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  1. Luke Sheppard

    What's the plan?

    Senior Staff aren't working on the updates. 2 Developers are.
  2. Luke Sheppard

    Sorry for the hiatus

    been busy like real busy but im back update Soon™
  3. Luke Sheppard

    All thanks to a pannel

    You should of kept your guns, just the nades taken away, however i did tell Curtis to delete it. So blame him.
  4. Luke Sheppard

    More vehicles.

    let me just whip some cars out my ass.
  5. Luke Sheppard

    Add Enhanced movement (SUGGESTION)

    how do you know its not already in the works
  6. The valuing your life rule its a prime example of this. We used to have a value your own life rule on a2 and NO ONE liked it, it legit killed arma 2 and so it was removed. So I don't punish people for not valuing your life but some other staff try to.
  7. Luke Sheppard

    Name Change Requests

    @Kyle $hooter No @Dan Sullivan Done @Jake Miller Done
  8. Luke Sheppard

    Name Change Requests

    @Kyle $hooter Done
  9. Luke Sheppard

    Update the sheriff forum

  10. Luke Sheppard

    Can't see HUD

  11. Luke Sheppard

    SERT Shop is the big broken

    Since he didn't do it, Fixed and actually locked and moved this time.
  12. Luke Sheppard

    ArmA 2 Server Change Log

    OurLifeRPG 01/24/2019 Developers: Luke Rijaz Fixed: Being able to attach any object to yourself (idk even know how Jimmy found it) Fixed: HUD disappearing after respawning (I actually fixed it this time)
  13. Luke Sheppard

    ArmA 2 Server Change Log

    OurLifeRPG 01/23/2019 Developers: Luke Rijaz, Curtis Calvert Changed: Made side HUD a little transparent. Fixed: SERT Shop. Fixed: EMS Aviation Shop. Fixed: Some text not showing up on the vehicle interaction menu. Fixed: Sheriff Department Helicopter Spawn. Fixed: Sirens getting set to the old ones if you relog. Fixed: HUD disappearing after respawning.

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