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  1. Luke Shaw

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Yea no.
  2. Hi im new here and have an intwesting idea about the a3 servwer and i would be like to show you everything i have to show i am on teamspeak for all week and have no comunicattin with you or othe staf, pleas come finde me.

  3. Luke Shaw

    OurLIfeRPG Official Trello

    In order to maintain constant communication and provide oversight on the upcoming Arma 3 server, an official trello page has been made public that shows current and completed projects. You can also make suggestions in the forum by linking a certain card from the trello page if you want to put any input on the topic discussed. Otherwise please continue to make suggestions on the forums if you notice something currently not on the trello that you would like to see implemented. https://trello.com/b/zqBYHOKb/ourliferpg-new-a3 - Project Management
  4. Luke Shaw

    Put up the server

    No, we won't do that because its stupid.
  5. Luke Shaw

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    Fps is gr8 idk what ur on about. I got like 40 when i usually get 10-15 on other maps.
  6. Luke Shaw

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    Since people be trollin with new accounts, new account votes will be deleted.
  7. Luke Shaw

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    Last updated 23rd April 2017 Requires all of cup, thats alot of gigs. If you find a better version PM me on TEAMSPEAK don't reply here or PM me on the forums PM ME ON TEAMSPEAK
  8. Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3. If we were to go back what map would you want. Kelley's island which is done and you get good FPS and it a good size. Video Here: or Cicada since alot of people want that. Keep in mind from what i remember for the map alone its like 6 gigs where as the addons for kelleys island were like 7 gig total so total addons could be like 10gig to 20 gigs and it was v buggy when me and tgc went on it ages ago.
  9. Kelleys Island wasn't even that big, but I guess if option A wins we'll have a map vote idk yet.
  10. So Choice A is basically move to Arma 3 but keep everything the same so ya know, same Chief (Foster) same EMS Chief (Corpsman) transfer the ranks over so everyone keeps there ranks etc. oh and most of the a2 rules will stay but some will be modified Choice B is stay on arma 2 and just keep it as it is And Choice C is move to Arma 3 but start again so new Chief new EMS chief new ranks for everyone etc etc.
  11. Luke Shaw


    don't tag me tag @TheGamingChief
  12. Luke Shaw

    Fuel Siphon Kit Removal

    I don't like law 10
  13. Luke Shaw

    Rule Enforcement

    What he said ^ And just clear it up, he has no power over your appeal.
  14. Luke Shaw

    Rule Enforcement

    This isn't real life, it's a video game.
  15. Luke Shaw

    Rule Enforcement

    Hello all, So like I understand the whole cop baiting shit, yea it is annoying but you kinda get used to it. For the whole shooting people out of cars and shooting them if they holster a gun. Honestly, if they holster a gun right after shooting I would fucking dome em even if it was 10 seconds after they holstered. If they are in a car and they keep on hopping out shooting getting back in I usually just shoot them out of the car the next time they hop out and get back in within like 30 seconds of them getting back in. This is coming from the Lieutenant of Internal Affairs you won't get in trouble. Amvallday got in trouble because the guy he shot didn't even shoot he just got in his car and drove away.

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