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  1. Mark Stavaros

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    We should do stuff
  2. Mark Stavaros

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    If you have the last name of “Vidov” you’re a acoustic retard
  3. Mark Stavaros

    Medical Custody Discussion

    I think I have the solution. Make medkits only able to heal minor injuries. Injuries to the legs (causes character to limp) should require a hospital visit. Then there I’d no question of what. To do
  4. Mark Stavaros


    I honestly think it would be a good idea if there was NO COST ASSOCIATED. Here is the thing, people who use DZLauncher are looking to just play DayZ. They aren't scrolling the mod menu looking for an anterior server. I like the idea but don't think it would help. You just have to advertise the server
  5. Mark Stavaros


    Yo +1
  6. Mark Stavaros

    Door Locks on cars

  7. Mark Stavaros

    Fuel Siphon Kit Removal

    Yeah, but not everyone can run they're computer on a pineapple
  8. Mark Stavaros

    Can be locked and moved, Dead topic

    And fuck all that YouTube bullshit. The one fucking time PsySyn got on everything went to shit. We got butt fucked with a bunch of 12 y/o retards wanting to "rolwpay". Fuck all that shit.
  9. Mark Stavaros

    So You Want To Join K-9? Click For More.

    K-9 is 10/10
  10. Mark Stavaros

    Fuel Siphon Kit Removal

    How about this. If you're Law Enforcement on the server and you see someone doing some shit like doing the kneel dance by a car, stop them and if they're doing dumb shit arrest them. Multiple times, I have whipped out the Tazer and tazed a civlian stealing my gas on a traffic stop and threw them in the back and finished conducting my stop. This isn't hard to stop, holy shit
  11. Mark Stavaros

    Police Department Suggestion Box

    Name: Mark Stavaros Rank: PO1 What is your suggestion: Add a PD shooting range for certifications. We have too many walls and trees at PD base. Adding a range could open up new certifications such as "Advanced Weapons". An FTO could administer a test where the officer (PO1-PO3) must fire and eliminate a certain number of targets ina set amount of time. If passed, the officer would have access to weapons with attached ACOG optics, MP5's, M1014 shotguns, M4A1 CCO, and other standard issue weapons that you'd find in some departments. Also, it would be good to see an addition to PD where officers could hold friendly competitions of skill. Regardless of the purpose of the range, it would be a good addition. I'm using the certification as an example because using the MK18 ACOG you get with K-9, you are able to sit distanced from a scene and act as a marksman. When K-9 isn't on, it would be good to see officers outfitted with more weapons then just an HK416 or M4 SBR. Do you have any Forms or Pictures: Will take into consideration -Foster
  12. Mark Stavaros

    Firing range

    This would be awesome. I would also really love to see the implementation of a Police shooting range. Most department such as Seattle and the LAPD have their own ranges that officers can come to to practice their skills.
  13. Mark Stavaros

    Governor vehicle change

    I do what I want, kid

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