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  1. Mark Stavaros

    Remove GoPro Rule

    What if he has 4 gopros’s?
  2. Mark Stavaros

    Improving frames!

  3. Mark Stavaros

    Dealer checks for SO

    In ArmA II the drug areas were open fucking fields aside from Heroin which was right next to CPD headquarters and South LSD which was its own island. In ArmA II either K9 or SWAT or a ranking member of Patrol would have to start the raid. Generally, you would see unmarked cars on the hills and harvest what you could and either start shooting or running. The box checks didn’t make drug running any easier. In ArmA III, you can hide drugs away in your house and cops will generally just drive by. Shit, most of the cops are just looking for frags anyway. I’ve had cocaine in my A3 house will SERT and CID on and because I wasn’t stupid I only got caught once. If you think adding this feature makes it easier to catch you you’re either bad or retarded.
  4. Mark Stavaros

    Dealer checks for SO

    YES! This was a thing in ArmA II and I think this is much needed.
  5. Mark Stavaros

    Arma 3 life Characters

    I'm a toucansexual
  6. Mark Stavaros

    Surplus Military equipment

    +1 I want a plate carrier a a backwards tan hat
  7. Mark Stavaros

    Unmarked Everywhere

    I mean most deputies assume any unmarked car is IA sooo
  8. Mark Stavaros

    Remove GoPro Rule

  9. Mark Stavaros

    Tree Fixer

    ECSO/ECFD needs a tree fixer
  10. Mark Stavaros

    Killing Message

    I think it would take away from the realism -1
  11. Mark Stavaros

    Replace Sheriff CV

    They all use Explorers, Tahoe’s and Caprices
  12. Mark Stavaros

    More vehicles.

  13. I would like to see a reflective vest with a SHERIFF marking on the back that is able to be put into a backpack. If I am doing traffic duties or on a large scene, I would like to be able to be identified easily.
  14. Mark Stavaros

    Replace Sheriff CV

    I said I’d like to see it replaced, not needing to go.

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