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  1. David67111

    PMC Shut Down

    I've played this community since day 1 and donated over $1,000 USD (Dont believe me? ask CP) I have been in this community through its hardships, and this is the worst i have ever seen it and without CP around there is no way to pull this community together. With the current people running it i can guarantee that it will not survive in Arma 3. You may call it immaturity but its just honesty, sorry you can not handle the truth and refuse to listen to the people that see the ship sinking. Have fun drowning.
  2. David67111

    PMC Shut Down

    PMC is shut down indefinitely effective immediately. Authorized by David. Reason - Due to senior staff having issues with how PMC is being ran and how our rules are enforced. I am shutting down PMC to save myself and my command staff the trouble of dealing with senior staff constantly. I appreciate all of PMC for sticking through the hardships and "aids". The only reason PMC was not shut down sooner was due to Druxus and his hard work at keeping other staff members at bay. But at the end of the day persistence always wins over. I as well have tried and given my all to keep PMC alive and functioning but i can only take so much. I have grown tired of fighting with staff about every decision i make and every rule i change. I also do not have the time nor energy to play arma 2 OA / PMC. Thank you all for the time on this community but i do not see myself joining the Arma 3 server nor do i think OLRPG is going to survive in Arma 3. David. Note: I am not here to have a discussion or conversation about this topic. This decision is final. If you comment i will not be replying back.
  3. David67111

    How can we improve?

    Forgot to talk about the taxi and towing. (Flat bed tow truck does not work if i'm correct) Yes there are many things to RP as a civilian but the issue is that everything there is to RP has been done before hundreds of times. That's why is suggested to edit some of the main rules to allow different types of RP. We could do a testing period and see how it goes. ie) Let me or some other trusted members of the community try different types or RP situations that would be against the rules regularly and see how it goes. If we dont try then why ask for suggestions. As well if you do decide to give it a try and you like what you see once everyone is able to do it you can always add rules that limit the types of situations you can do if you dont like the ones people are doing. Another suggestion that i think would add some RP is add a shop/spot near hostage area that a group of people can go to and enter a race ie) 5 people bet 100k and it gets pulled together. Once the race starts it selects a point on the map where the drivers must race to (like the patrol missions). At the start you get 30 sec to look at the map and see where to checkpoints and finish line is. then once that time is up a timer counts down from 5 to 0 and the race starts. First place gets all the money. (Different ways of doing it just a suggestion) Thanks for reading, David
  4. David67111

    How can we improve?

    Trust me i know this, ive been playing island life for over 4 years now. I was simply giving suggestion like y'all asked for. I just think it would help the server a bit to have some changes because the server is getting stale (its not just me that thinks that). I simply think that meta game(power gaming) should be based on case to case. Ie) If im a cop and someone is wanted and i space bar their name and start chasing them because they have a warrant then obliviously thats against the rules. But i think some should be allowed ie) Im investigating a robbery at gas n porn, ive lifted finger prints, and found tire tracts and some paint from a car that was hit, So now i know their name after running the prints and counter checking with the warrant list. Now i try to find them, I see a car and space bar the name and its them. But all that does is give me the type of car the tracts match. I follow them wait for them to stop or ask them to pull over, because i do not know who is driving the car and i try to get them name of the driver and if they do not give it to me or they run i call the cops to try and get the name of the driver. There are different ways of doing it. I just think it would add more RP to the server and make players more interested. To the point of island life being cops and robbers, yes i 100% know this but thats why people are getting tired of the server because its rinse and repeat 24/7. If you want the server to get more population we need to think outside of the box and change the base of what the server is to get people back interested in playing. Thanks for reading, David
  5. David67111

    How can we improve?

    Forgot to mention Add more legal jobs for Civs that have high amount of pay to entice civs to not constantly do illegal things
  6. David67111

    How can we improve?

    Too be honest the biggest issue is see on the server is Role-play in general, I watch, and try to different RP situations all the time but all you get is people who cop bait and kill cops. Then when the cops keep getting killed they log off. Then because the cops disconnect the civs disconnect because they have no one to kill. Speaking from personal experience, on 3/2/2018 i was Role-playing as a private investigator, searching crime scenes such as gas station / bank robberies for finger prints and tire tracts to find out who robbed the location and what vehicle they were driving. While RPing this i continuously watched as civs would rob stuff and then kill all the cops on. Then do it again because no EMS were on. I watched as every cop disconnected because they all got killed then watched all the civs disconnect because there were no cops to kill. I personally think there are simple fixes to this. 1. Make a rule to where if you are a civ and you die and respawn (NLR in effect) you can not help your previous gang till they are out of the situation they were in. this also means that they can not break out/help break out one of there previous gang members. // This would make civs actually try to escape the police because if they die and respawn they cant help till the situation is done. 2. When cops die and respawn (NLR in effect) as well as get revived and go 300m they should not be able to help/return to that same situation they should go to other situations. (This also includes help pursue fleeing vehicles that left the scene where they died) // This would help Shootouts end faster because there are no new personal constantly returning to the scene and feeding the civs kills. //Please keep in mind these are just suggestions and not finely tuned rules. --Allow more RP-- Bounty hunting, Private investigation, assassination, Tow companies, Lawyers. There are plenty of others. Bounty hunting - a civilian can go buy a license and get access to weapons that are normally illegal ie) M4a1, m16 variants. (Plenty of other guns) And the civilian would change into set clothing that has a badge on it (hanging around the neck). The bounty hunter looks at the warrant list and decides who he/she wants to pursue. He/She can then try to locate that person through there own means (no meta game). The bounty hunter could also hire a private investigator to find clues at a crime scene like clothing fragments, tire tracts, paint from a vehicle. that would help tract down the suspect. Private Investigator - Can be hired by cops, civs, or EMS to help them find a suspect. Ex) A civ just robbed the bank and got away and the cops dont know who did it. the PI can lift finger prints off the vault door, code to open the vault. then use this info to get the persons name. Look at the parking lot for any tire tracks that could point to a certain type of vehicle. There are plenty of thing to do but the issues come in when there are no actual tire tracts or finger prints so everything you roleplay could be Power gaming. Assassination - This would be just like tell the gov as a civ that you are going to kill him because (enter reason here). The gov doesnt do it now you can kill him. //It would be a bit different, say a civ thinks he was wrongfully arrested by a cop and the civ got there name from a name badge. The civ can now go hire an assassin to kill (enter name here) for wrongfully arresting him/her. The assassin now types in global - (enter name here) A hit has been placed on your head because you wrongfully arrested (enter name here) you have 5 min before the hit is activated. *anon t* The assassin after 5min now hunts down the person and trys to kill them without being caught. If caught the assassin gets arrested for (x) charges and the assassin must tell the cops who hired him. Tow truck companies - If a vehicle is illegally parked, impounded or requested to be towed, they take it to a lot of there choice. Once the vehicle is dropped off the tow truck companies must then contact the owner and tell them they have (x) time to come get there vehicle. If the vehicle is not picked up in allotted time the company can then sell the car or use the chop shop to make money off of it ( The warrant for chopping a vehicle would not be valid if proven that it is a legitimate company that towed the vehicle legally) Lawyers - A civilian goes and buys a lawyer license then can represent anyone who request there help. Ether it be on a traffic stop or at jail. The lawyer uses knowledge off the rules and all protocols of the party's involved and try's to get them released or the sentence/ticket is lowered. -- Possible changes to server-- Change how speed cams work, after all 10 demerit points are lost a note issues to the police/pop up that tells them if they are pulled over to revoke the license. Or after all 10 demerit points are lost, the driver has 5min to renew the license before it is taken away. I have personally had a situation where i was speed 110 in a 90 and lost my final demerit point while i was being pulled over then i get my car impounded or flee from the cops due to illegal weapons in the car. With how it is now it decrease the amount of role play because it is instantly lost. //There could also be another solution, every time you pass a speed-cam within the speed limit you regain a demerit point. Or have a driving course that people must take after losing the license. (IDK just think the way it is now doesn't encourage Role Play) Remove the power gaming rule/change it. There could be alot of fun that comes from Power-game. Ie) a PI finds tire tracts at the scene of a robbery he/she then types in global *PI (enter name here) found tire tracts at GNP from a vehicle that was just involved in a robbery (enter name here) finger prints were wound at the scene, what car was being driven?* Then the persons fingerprints that were found must type in global what car he/she were in. The person who committed the robber can not use this knowledge to then change cars. // As the rule stands now it limits the amount of role-play someone can do. And Yes i know why it was added in the first place #Lighters while cuffed Plane rule - What is the point of evading in a plane if you can only take off and land at an airfield, at the end of the day the cops can just wait at either airfield till you run out of fuel. Or you can eject from your plane and escape that way. Why should i not be allowed to have a plane set up near paint ball on the beach get in it fly so safe house island and land there to get away. //Or Use a plane to transport drugs ie) cocaine field is an excellent location to land and take a plane off to do drugs. (Just think it limits RP) But if the plane is driven on a road then it should be fail RP, or deleted. As it stands now the server rules limit the amount of RP that can used on the server. I would personally play more if i could be able to roleplay different situations. One thing i did not mention yet is that almost noone on the server Roleplays. Last statwipe Me, Druxus, and dayz hosted 3 separate RP events in which someone could win over 1.5m and only 1 person showed up to the event. And i know im not the only one that notices how little people RP a situation. Thanks for reading, David
  7. David67111

    Why is the RPG trash

    The RPG-18 has no splash damage or AOE damage. You have to actually hit the target for any effect if you want to to test this shoot it at your feet and you will not take any damage. I would personally like to see the RPG-7 implemented like jack said. I would suggest adding two different rounds for the RPG-7, the AP and HE rounds so you have a choice.
  8. David67111

    PMC issues

    Im not changing blame im simply stating that while shots are being heard at jail its not always us. And at no point in my post did i say we weren't shooting. As well i do not report cops for breaking their protocol unless it effects someones RP. I an not here to get someone demoted for having some fun.
  9. David67111

    PMC issues

    Every thing you have said in this post happens on a daily basis even when PMC is not on. That's arma 2 for you, kill or be killed. Then you come back and do the same thing over and over again. As for PMC shooting cops/civilians once the contractee shoots at a subject we are able to fire on that person as well. That is stated in our protocol. Tho we do not always fire on everyone that gets shot at by our contractee. A simple solution for PD when we are asking for contracts, contract us. If we are contracted to a civ who is robbing stuff then play smarter. We are not just some civs with guns we are trained to a T for shooting and driving. Instead of all cars following the pursuit some cops break off and go ahead, weather that be off road or on road to get in-front of us. Us team work to set spikes across both sides of the roads have your cars hidden and set up an ambush. Every time im on the server everyone acts individually on cop instead of using teamwork. There are simple solutions to these issues but cops get so focused on the chase they do not think about what happens once the pursuit ends. Even when we are contracted to PD and i'm on their freq there is not team work. I've heard cops calling a pursuit out while other cops are still on traffic stops. Drop the traffic stop and head to the area of the pursuit or go to a town you think it will go to and get set up for spikes. I personally think one of the biggest reason PD gets rekt (lack of other words) while PMC is contracted to civs is because there is no teamwork on PD's side.
  10. David67111

    PMC issues

    90% of the time when PMC is shooting outside of jail its not just us its cops, and not just some po1's its LT's and Capt's. I have multiple recording's of cops breaking the PD protocol while stationed outside of jail. But unlike most people im not here to report people who are trying to have some fun while there are no situations going on. From my understanding of the laws there is no crime for discharging a weapon outside of town as long as the weapons are legal. Which all of our weapons are licensed and legal to use and carry. Please to anyone else posting please only post about PMC if it relevant and/or has useful information/suggestions.
  11. David67111

    PMC issues

    Let me clear something up, PMC has 5 LT's by no means are we command staff. We do not have the power to ban, accept applications, give strikes and only me and dayz have edit access to the roster due to us being division leads. Yes i know druxus has edit power and that's because he is senior staff and does white-listing. I would like to also say that Jorge is not command staff, he has no power over any PMC members he is simply here to help with paper work and PD relations. ------- Secretary Commander: The Secretary Commander(Cmdr) is a special position designed to provide communication and cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between the company and other factions in Cicada. This Commander is merely a liaison between the factions of Cicada and holds no true power over the command staff. As i have stated and shown we have four command not including proton, there is no issue with this. Last PMC is not a major faction if we were we would have our own slots on the server. We would have more than 3 Channels on TS. We would be able to have more than 25 Non command white-listed at once. As it stands we are the only faction (not a major faction) that has limited white-list slots.
  12. David67111

    PMC issues

    We do talk to all PMCs, but at the end of the day its Protons decision. We try to talk everyones opinions, comments and concerns into account while we discuss it will all PMCs, but some decisions are/should be left to command. Thank you for your comment and concern.
  13. David67111

    PMC issues

    Im not sure, it must have been around when i took my 6 month break from A2. I think that would be a good ratio tho. Not to many PMC on but enough for people to get hours in. Thank you for your comment and concern.
  14. David67111

    PMC issues

    Your not getting the point here, Im not saying they are on all the time im comparing who has the best weapons. And that leads to my point of we dont have the best weapons we just have the best shooters and most active members.

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