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  1. chase hicks

    Arma 3 Physics

  2. chase hicks

    What SWAT does for a living

    This is what i put my trust in when I get taken hostage.
  3. chase hicks

    Remembrance Day

    I know how that feels.
  4. chase hicks

    Your Life RPG Minecraft server

    Get well soon TGC *cough* wait I think I might have it too
  5. chase hicks

    Your Life RPG Minecraft server

    English please?
  6. chase hicks

    why does it take so long for unban appeal

    because administrators have jobs other than this server they try their best to get to you be patient
  7. chase hicks


    Can some get this message to elite my computer broke and I need him to put in lots for me
  8. chase hicks

    AddonSync Issue

    i get the same message I went in the file manually and opened it up it worked if you don't understand then I will try to get on ts with you
  9. chase hicks

    Walking while handcuffed + Shackles.

    i rly dont see a use for this your just making more equipment we have to carry around when we didnt need to and it will cause aids
  10. chase hicks

    TSP - Taviana State Patrol

    +1 i like this idea and their will be some issues but like you said we will work it i put my trust in you
  11. i can find the difference easily sheriff is bright yellow and the pd is dull yellow this is only a problem if you are color blind.
  12. chase hicks

    PD Protocol

    I want to talk about the rule I disagree with and is unnecessary. It's the rule that got me a warning twice and its the rule where you have to say *tackles* its hard to say that when you have someone shooting at you and you have to say a word that takes one precious second of your time to save your life. its hard to remember you have to say that word when your thinking about someone is shooting at you i have to go. ​i want to see your guys opinion of this little unnecessary time taking rule. ​Have a Good Day ​ Chase Hicks
  13. chase hicks

    Day And Night Cycles

    +1 i agree with this
  14. chase hicks

    a couple of appointed judges


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