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  1. Jake Starling

    Good Times

    Good times indeed lol
  2. Jake Starling

    Foster is a Child Predator (allegedly)

    Poor islandman
  3. Jake Starling

    Remove GoPro Rule

    Ah ok that makes sense
  4. Jake Starling

    Remove GoPro Rule

    I must have read it wrong then. However having the rule labeled "go pro" and have it related to out of game support does make it seem that way. To me having the In-game go pro in the teamspeak rules seems a bit strange
  5. Jake Starling

    Remove GoPro Rule

    +1 I shouldn't have to enable an in-game item to report a rule violation. and staff surely should not hold the right to turn away the case cause there is not a red dot on my screen...
  6. Jake Starling

    Why you should turn your lights on

    ... STOP! YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE LAW! You will be fined 500 dollars for failure to use your headlights... *mumbles.. honestly capt...*
  7. Jake Starling

    Welcome to OLRPG Fire & EMS!

    Typical Nathaniel: Sheriff's Office shows up... Makes an excuse as to why to leave...
  8. Jake Starling

    How We Remember It | vs. | What Really Happened

    Nothing new at all OConnor... Nothing new at all >;)
  9. Jake Starling

    How We Remember It | vs. | What Really Happened

    I prefer the first one.
  10. What's your roleplay name?: Jake Starling How old are you?: 15 (and more mature than some 16-year-olds out there) Why do you want to join the Sheriff's Office: I would like to join the ECSO as I was a long time member of the PD and SO back in Arma 2 and I would like to continue that into Arma 3 as I loved the law enforcement side of the server more than the civ side, I also love to roleplay as an officer and promote the SO in the best way possible Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I know a lot of people will soon (I assume) apply for the ECSO, why should you choose me over them? I feel it is because I do have a long history with the police department and sheriff's office of not just this server but others, I feel that my experience would be a great asset to the Sheriff's Office Tell us about yourself?: I have had many positions in command of servers, I have gone through the struggles of reaching a high rank in Arma communities and I believe that has helped me better myself as a roleplayer and most of all as an LEO roleplayer. Anything you would like to add?: I would like to thank the reviewer of my application for his/her/(insert gender here) time, I know that reviewing applications could be a hard task and you are the one who must decide who is accepted and who is not, thank you for reading. I [Jake Starling] declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  11. Jake Starling

    I spilt some paint on a car whilst developing....

    oof, that is... interesting lol very good color combination, defo should use (begins laughing)
  12. Jake Starling

    Aidens Server Suggestion

    That would be pretty cool, I do like how it could utilize the One Life Rule (as Harvey stated) it would allow us to truly show that we do have one life instead of being on a different side to indicate that we have more than one type of character.
  13. Jake Starling

    Good Job!

    I think the Civs are they Haters...?
  14. Jake Starling

    Switching Maps - POLL

    I like the unique features of Los Santos, but I think Kelly might be better for the current status, then we can transfer into the larger map.

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