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  1. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    it failed because after the nostalgia ended, there was nothing else to do besides cop bait, just like arma 3. So people quit playing and it died.
  2. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    if you actually believe that proves something you have issues, It was a post responding to kyle but was not important so i edited to asking to be deleted.
  3. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Delete this reply, thank you
  4. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    30 people don't mean shit unless they actually show up and play. Same type of shit happened in the past, people voted for something and then no one showed to play it or lost interest after 1 week. Don't get me wrong here, i like arma 2 just as much as anybody but its like going to back to an older processer for pc gaming as its present state. It just does not make any sense.
  5. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    So why waste precious time on something that won't work, instead on something that will be worth it to the community? There is no point in putting time into something when you know its gonna fail again. Instead focus all your resources into one idea. I'm 100% for wanting this community to work and survive but wasting time on something that will fail is not the answer. If we are going to do GMod, then lets do it and focus solely on that, or GTA, or Minecraft. One should be focused on and that it for right now until one is successful, then we can look into others. But arma 2 or 3 is not the answer in the community current state.
  6. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    The fact that arma 2 won just shows that people have simply not paid attention or was not part of what happened the last time we went back and forth and back and forth. It failed hard and if 30 people actually show up and play arma period and stay that at least 1 week. I will be shocked. It did not work when we had the management structure. Don't know how anyone can think it will work again without a management structure currently. The server will not make money because you cannot monetize anything that people want. Because people are not simply going to give away money. Arma 2 is pretty much nostalgia as this point,so again if it even gets 10 people on the server consistently will be another shock. I hate to a negative nancy here but this is a stupid move. So if you want to kill wants left of OLRPG. then waste time and bring it up. I still think Gmod or Minecraft is the best option or even both and i have already stating my reasons why. We need something new to attract new population. Not a game that have showed us time and time again its just does not work not matter how many time we go back. Its time for OLRPG to start a new chapter. Not trying to re-write one.
  7. Darkshifter

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Arma 2 and 3 will not work and has not worked. Sure everyone will probably play it for nostalgia but then a week or two later it will just die again like it always does. Same with arma 3. Right now you do not have the management structure to properly and efficiently run any Arma currently. Not to mention financially. Gmod I have never played it but its sounds interesting and could take off. Minecraft So many modpacks, you can test out just by putting it up and nothing else and see what people enjoy. then you can look at items to sell to gain revenue and add other things. I think everyone is not really seeing what kind of structure we have from a management standpoint right now. Sure maybe some people have knowledge on gmod or minecraft but couple things we need to look at here. We have bills to pay here one being the server box. Now i don't know all the financials of the server but we have to take this into account. If no one is donating, if no revenue is being made to keep the server running. We won't be playing anything unless someone wants to run a VM or dedicated server box. When it comes to picking one or more choices you need to take into account the following, We need to be able to make money with it. Popular enough where we have chance of gaining population. Easy to setup to be playable and then things can added or adjusted later and salvage whatever player base our life has left. Most of this is common sense, but i figure i would outline a little bit anyway. Gmod and Minecraft IMO would best fit for all these thing.
  8. Darkshifter

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    @TheGamingChief I think it can, now i don't know much about garrys mod. Seen videos on it though. But i would ask myself. Again with current structure, can you develop it in a timely manner? Minecraft is easy, add factions, lock boxes, lock doors, and then boom, its pretty much setup and decide whether you want pvp with griefing, or no griefing and you can add alt worlds (not sure how to do this, but google has all the answers) so you can even have a no grief for people who just want to build all day and as in the website i showed you can add items that players can purchase to help them along with building or even packages for headstart. I guess in short. I think you want to select either Garrys mod or minecraft that can be worked on a little and then made public, not to quick, but quickly enough to salvage what player base we have. Minecraft from my experience can be done in matter of couple of hours with a few plugins and you can add so much later once the community give ideas on what they would like to see, if Minecraft is what everyone wants. If Gmod can be done quickly as well, then that is also another option. But i not sure on that, since i really never played it to understand it enough. Again this is just my opinion, but again its up to the community on what they want if these are the two options we are looking at.
  9. Darkshifter

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Most people probably won't like this suggestion, but based on current structure. This is what i think should be done to help revive this community if the community actually wants it revived. Number 1 WE NEED A LEADER WHO GIVES A FUCK. Does not matter who it is, whether its TGC, CP, Matt. Whoever is still hanging out hoping this community can be revived. Number 2 Get people in senior staff who actually gives a fuck about the community other then "I am senior staff and have loads of power or simply don't do shit" (some probably cared, but its seems most was just in it for power), You need a good management structure. CEO, Manager, Assist Manager, Community Leader (one who will organize special events and make it happen, even if they suck. You don't know unless you try),etc and yes im comparing this to actual businesses because currently ourlife is not being treated like one because in the end thats what it is. Number 3 Assign each of xxxxx positions duties and things they need to do to help the community. They don't do there job. Get rid of them period. No excuses, no fucks given. Now onto my suggestion. MINECRAFT - yep you read this right, why? well let me introduce you to this site here https://www.mineheroes.net/ . Currently they have loads of members, last i was on, at least 100 members on anytime i played. The store they have offers so much perks and special items. Yep this will take work. But if this works out. You can get revenue, players and even developers that might know how to code other games in my opinion it can open doors to make ourlife the ultimate gaming community its trying to become and the server cost are cheaper to start out and see how it goes. Last thing All these fucking cancerous people, you need to bag, tag and kick them out, negativity is not going to bring this community back if you are trying to revive it (plenty of it in the shoutbox). plain and simple. Anyone will see that and turn away. Its either time to get real serious on making this work or just shut it down and lets everyone go there separate ways.
  10. should be flipped 1 diamond - 300 - 400 each - no risk and 900 is way to much for selling it. 1 marijuana - 600-800 each - illegal should be more rewarding with the risks involved These prices are good medians.
  11. yeah you are correct, most prices i have seen so far are on point. But also some should be adjusted so money is not that easy to make. 1 run of diamonds 125k that really should be cut in half. Getting big items such as lambos, terror weapons and good weapons should feel rewarding, not lets to a 30 min run of diamonds and i can get that and more (Diamonds could be longer, just a example). Basically thinking ahead a week or two ahead, your gonna have players with lots of money, have all the best weapons. So basically your going to have cicada all over again. robbing, gas station robbing just to kill cops and other players with no grind in between to go back and obtain those items because they can just go buy them all over again in 15 mins and rinse and repeat. I know your always going to have that. But if everyone get there, then the server just becomes call of duty.
  12. That's what im trying to point out, money making needs to a little harder to get. otherwise where is the balance and fun for that matter, might be fun for the person with all the good guns and stuff. But eventually its dies out or the other players just end up quitting and get discouraged because players with the good guns keep robbing players, etc. Because now that you have all this money. Farming becomes pointless due to you already have what you need. You want a median with everything not too hard, but not to easy either.
  13. Before we get it into here, i want to say the map looks great. I think some buildings could be moved out into the map to fill some empty areas. Most stuff is in spawn but i will get to that in a minute. Paycheck Prices Now most prices i have seen so far (cars, guns, gas station items) are priced okay. However i think civs and cops start out with too much, 45k is way to much to start, i was able to buy a Camaro and a Ford Taurus and pistol, and both licences and by the time i did all that i had enough money to do it all over again just getting the 5k paychecks every 5 mins. So my suggestion is lower the starting bank amount and paychecks. 25k and $1,500 to $2,500 paychecks is a nice median. By doing this you will increase farming for money, so players will choose illegal stuff so they get more money. Also, players won't be able jump on cop right away, forcing them to play civ for a little bit until they can get enough funds to get there required equipment. Also cops should not get paid for giving tickets, cops should get paychecks based on rank starting around 5k and going up every 500 for each higher rank. Cops stuff is high enough to where getting all this extra money will just not allow for other cops a chance to play. So cop player runs out of money. It will be easier to jump on civ, do a little farming and then jump back on to get items they want. This keeps rotation of cops going and everyone gets a chance to be active. Building/Shop Move Some shops and even buildings i think can be moved into empty areas in the map to help fill, one example: gun shop. way to close to spawn plus you can buy a pistol for 5k thats one paycheck, should be at least 2 or more. There are probably more but this is just one i noticed from the start I know this will add a little more grind for items but based on cicada, money was way to easy to get which at least for me made it boring because there was really no grind . Plus one day into the A3 server being up and players already driving around in lambo's. I don't know the cost on those but should take me more then one day to get it. Again this is just my opinion. Most of you will probably shoot it down. But my suggestion is just to help with making high prices feel more rewarding then. just doing 1 hour of whatever and obtaining it.
  14. Darkshifter

    Medical Custody Discussion

    1. This rule should be in place, if you are trying enforce actual real-life RP. Civs should follow EMS orders that the Civ needs medical attention and needs to be done at nearest hospital is only RP going off real life. PD can escort EMS with civ to hospital and once EMS is done with RP, PD can take civ into custody and proceed with there protocols. Also, it would probably be a good idea if a rule is added that "When in EMS custody, civs cannot attempt to rob or stop EMS unless in a gang and you cannot shoot EMS, only zip tie. If EMS can runaway then he or she must do so." (this is to prevent from civs killing EMS causing long wait times for other dead civs). 2. However, this server has so much lack of RP, to where everyone mostly does everything that will quickest get them to shoot someone that this whole idea will not work and just cause a bunch of aids leading to people getting banned due to Fail RP. Sure i would love this to be a rule where RPing with EMS is something you have to do which initiated in game. But unfortunately this will not happen. So, with all that being said. Making this an option will probably be the best idea unless you want to hand out bans right and left. Hopefully im wrong and believe me i hope i am. But Arma 2 showed me otherwise. Darkshifter
  15. Darkshifter

    So You Want To Join K-9? Click For More.

    Thanks for letting me know, i will get with my leads and make sure all k-9 officers are using there dogs if they can get them.

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