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  1. Steven2127

    How to Revive OLRPG

    Rip pre-arma3 Sherrif Dept / Rip post-arma3 IA. I really miss coming to this place and the server. It's one of those things that won't be back, but was it ever fun while it lasted.
  2. Steven2127

    Rule Enforcement

    While I don't have much experience playing civ. I cannot stand when people complain about a "group" doing crime / cop baiting. I agree that those can be frustrating situations. However the tools are in place to counter their tactics. In real life, not every suspect is going to follow a set of expectations when they are on the run. Nor are they going to comply when faced with prison time. Long pursuit? = Use some tactics and communication as PD to outsmart them. Often times during pursuits, people complain about how they can't catch people but never attempt spikes or cut off areas with cruisers/barriers. East Dunkin robbery with suspects inside? =Block off the streets, search the buildings across the street and use communication to stop people coming in to assist. Don't all just stand on the door way trying to peek the person inside. Downed suspect and waiting for ESU to revive a gang affiliated suspect? = Setup roadblocks / barriers to stop people from flying in with a taxi taurus to pick them up and setup some overwatch. And even then, sometimes your just not going to win as PD. Often times the gangs are just going to out number and out gun the PD. But I swear often times the gangs win because they actually have a plan and can communicate effectively with their team.
  3. Steven2127

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Steven Sullivan New Name: Steven2127 Reason For Change: Arma 2 Reborn
  4. Steven2127

    Teamspeak Connection Issues

    Disregard. Please lock and moved. Problem solved.
  5. Steven2127

    Teamspeak Connection Issues

    Good day, I am having some trouble connecting to the TS3 server. This will be the first time connecting since June. The following error appears. "This server is blacklisted. Refusing to connect." Is this something known or has anyone experience this issue before? I have already reinstalled with the same account. Thank you in advance. Steven
  6. What's your roleplay name?: Steven Sullivan How old are you?: 22 Why do you want to join the Police Department: I have previous experience in the Cicada Police department, and would like to continue my career with the Cicada Police Department. Role-playing to the best of my ability to foster good gameplay and enjoyable experience for all. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: My past experience includes: -Rookie Patrol Officer (LSSD - prior to map change after Los Santos) -Corporal Deputy (CSD - Honorable Discharged when server moved to A3). Senior DNR, experience as a member of K9, Corrections, CID, as Sheriff Training & Education and Marksman. All with clean and respectable records. I have earned the Police Service Medal for most hours before and have received divisional awards for the same achievement within the K9 division. -CPD: Patrolmen (Sr. PO) However my past experience is not the major reason I believe I am a strong candidate. My biggest strength is my integrity. Both in game role-playing as a Police Officer, and out of game with my fellow community members. Those who know me can speak to the fact that I do not involve myself in the politics that can arise in these types of communities and that I will own up to mistakes when I make them, including on the job. Tell us about yourself?: I keep to myself mostly, except for a few people around here I've become friendly with. I am from Canada, enjoy camping, boating and working part-time with youth. My post - secondary education is focused on Business & Human Resource Management. (I know.... Sounds exciting) Anything you would like to add?: I appreciate the hiring staff taking the time to read my application, I truly just enjoy Roleplaying as a police officer on this sever and have on and off since Jan 2016. I look forward to more experiences if I am successful in a new position within the Cicada PD. I Steven Sullivan, declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  7. Steven2127

    Unfuck Phase 2 (Completed)

    Just the thought of patrolling with you two again gets me jazzed up in the morning.
  8. Steven2127

    Unfuck Phase 2 (Completed)

    While I appreciate how much work is involved in all the options on the table by the staff and high command. There will always be the spot in my heart for Arma 2 OLRPG and I would love to see it flourish.
  9. Steven2127

    High Command Or Staff answer .-.

    The new Sheriff posted a thread in the SD bulletin board section stating the intentions of SD command with regards to applications. "To expedite the process of filling the Sheriff’s Department, we are creating a new interview, training manual and application process for our FTO’s and Human Resources to implement. This is to be completed in the near future. I am hoping to release applications on Wednesday 20th June. Which gives us a week to complete refresher training for current officers, then open the doors to new cadets." Quote from Charlie Richardson.
  10. Steven2127

    Smaller Respawn Time

    This suggestion takes none of the Roleplay aspect of EMS into account. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to drive all the way across the map only to have the person respawn everytime before you get there? EMS are stationed around the map depending of the number of units on shift. Something that is only going to improve response time as the server grows in population. The point about helicopters also has an issue. Similarly to the SD, EMS has protocols, prerequisites and training requirements for the use and flying of helicopters. A certification many in EMS don't have right now. I agree that it can be irritating to have to wait time when dying, but everything in A3 Roleplay has consequences. ~Rob a bank?---> Go to jail for many minutes ~Crash your car with no repair kit?---> Run for many minutes to the nearest gas station. ~Run out of money?--->Get a job or grind resources. Not many things on server are speedy, but I believe the system right now is fairest for all those involved. EDIT: With the map change coming soon this might not even been an issue.
  11. Steven2127

    Buddy System

    I agree with the point regarding lack of communication as being why there is a lot of controversy. I have to say I wasn't pleased initially as there was a lot of changes that were not fleshed out to most of the community including how appointments and transfers would fully work, in addition to the SD playable on early access. However I can understand that things aren't going to please everyone and patience is required.
  12. Steven2127

    Low Detail Mode (Grass + View Distance)

    What a legitimately good suggestion with a good post to boot. +1 What a completely useless reply.
  13. Steven2127

    Steam Player ID's For Whitelisting

    My Steam ID: 76561198013139686
  14. Steven2127

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Steven2127 New Name: Steven Sullivan Reason For Change: To comply with new rules for the ArmA 3 server.

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