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  1. Honestly I think the only way to keep this community alive has already been done. A2 life mod was brought back up with no Command Structure for EMS or PD. That's really good. I know of not many souls in this world that want to run a department on A2. What GamingChief has done is good for the server and that's the only way it'll attract players. Let's face it. At the end of the day, the goal is to shoot people no matter if your a civ or cop. By allowing people to do that again and adding in that grind to get money attracts players. It attracted me. I got on the server, did 45 min of pot and shot three cops and it made me happy and want to play the server. I had a good time. The only way I wouldn't have a good time is if I had to do PD hours every week or listen to some fourteen year old PD Sergeant tell me some dumb shit. I like this, and it should stay this way if what you said in that book^ is really true.
  2. Give up. Stop beating the dead horse.
  3. I really respect your optimism, but it's fucked. You guys waited too long, neglected us for too long, and now it's over. It was a good run, and people will always cherish the memories from this community. But it's over. Gone, but never forgotten.
  4. "I think some kind of announcement or at least an acknowledgement of the growing issue of no population and what you guys plan to do is in order." How is a reply "not needed"
  5. So as soon as someone wants something to be done on the server and it effects Senior Staff you guys instantly respond but when a community member writes a letter to Senior Staff it gets ignored. Do you guys actually care?
  6. But how long until people get bored again? Can you guarantee that this update will be able to influence a population to remain constant? And what about the fact that S. Staff doesn't seem to care?
  7. This stuff is all cool how will this increase/maintain population?
  8. Dear Senior Staff, It's quite obvious that without any Senior Staff intervention, this server will dissipate. Which is a sad reality. I'd just like to know what your intentions are for the server, what direction are you guys going to go in? Are we going to wait for updates still? Are we just going to sit here and wait for the money to run out? It would just be nice to know what's going on. Mainly so that I and others are able to plan and dedicate time elsewhere or choose to move on. If you guys don't want to continue with the server, that's fine. An option would be to allow someone else to take the reigns on the server. I would hate to see all the work that the Developers have done for us to go to waste. Because right now it seems to me that S. Staff doesn't care about the server. If you guys do, show it. I think some kind of announcement or at least an acknowledgement of the growing issue of no population and what you guys plan to do is in order. Sincerely, A concerned community member
  9. bro it's cool. Y'all push out some shit and we'll play it.
  10. What would you like to see added?
  11. The server was poppin four weeks ago then we got DDOS'd. Obviously people don't want to play when the server goes down from connection bs but what happened? Literally nothing changed within the server from the time that we had 40 people on the weekends till after the DDOS. I just want to come home from work and have some quality roleplay with people but the past week I got my hours done for SD with me being the only person on the server. Just. Play. It's fun and there's updates coming. The server will grow if everyone gets on the server because it's arma 3 and people still play this game. When they see our server with people in it they'll be like, "wow an island life server let's play guys" So please just get on the server and play
  12. I like the Gang menu being turned into a permanent option, I also like what you said about Gang Houses. I think it would be cool to add a gang bank account menu for those permanent gang system so that a family or gang could actually track their income and wealth. I don't think there needs to be too many new places like another casino or federal reserve. There are already two banks and a casino. I think the idea of different variations in houses is good too because right now it feels like every time I raid a house it's the same exact layout. A DOC or a Corrections division is already in place however we don't have the population for the division to operate efficiently. It will come soon but right now it's on the backburner. We will just have to be patient for any of these things to actually happen but I believe that there are some things here that will work.
  13. New map update coming within a couple weeks actually!
  14. @Marley Skellos, Welcome to the server, we're glad you're here. Disregard the rudeness of the other comments on this post, they don't like competition. I hope you succeed as new skillful role players are always welcome. Good luck with your family, I love the idea that you've presented and I think that you can really bring a new idea of family role playing into the server. I believe that you can and will do great things on this server. Thank you Marley for having the confidence and will to organize something that all players can enjoy. Enjoy your stay at Ourlife! p.s. Join SD
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