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  1. Proton

    List of Suggestions

    I like the Gang menu being turned into a permanent option, I also like what you said about Gang Houses. I think it would be cool to add a gang bank account menu for those permanent gang system so that a family or gang could actually track their income and wealth. I don't think there needs to be too many new places like another casino or federal reserve. There are already two banks and a casino. I think the idea of different variations in houses is good too because right now it feels like every time I raid a house it's the same exact layout. A DOC or a Corrections division is already in place however we don't have the population for the division to operate efficiently. It will come soon but right now it's on the backburner. We will just have to be patient for any of these things to actually happen but I believe that there are some things here that will work.
  2. Proton

    Improving frames!

    New map update coming within a couple weeks actually!
  3. Proton

    {RECRUITING} Skellos Crime Family

    @Marley Skellos, Welcome to the server, we're glad you're here. Disregard the rudeness of the other comments on this post, they don't like competition. I hope you succeed as new skillful role players are always welcome. Good luck with your family, I love the idea that you've presented and I think that you can really bring a new idea of family role playing into the server. I believe that you can and will do great things on this server. Thank you Marley for having the confidence and will to organize something that all players can enjoy. Enjoy your stay at Ourlife! p.s. Join SD
  4. Every single community member that has ever played on this server and had even a single moment of fun or had a smile put on their face while playing, should take the time to thank our Senior Staff and Developer team. They do great work for this server and community and it shouldn't go unnoticed. Specifically @Luke Rijaz has done a lot of great work for this community. He has taken a lot of time out of his day that he could be spending making money with the skills that he has. Instead he is working on our community - for free. So from me, Thank you. We love you guys
  5. Proton

    Suggestion Box

    Name: Proton Rank: Corporal Deputy I have seen an issue within the Sheriffs Department that cannot stand without a serious discussion. Currently, we have three tactical divisions. The Sheriff Emergency Response Team, The Criminal Investigation Division, and Internal Affairs. Maybe it's just me, but I think only one of those should have tactical gear/weapons while patrolling the streets. There are a few exceptions and suggestions I have which I will elaborate on. Suggestion #1 (IA) Demilitarize Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs mission statement is, "Anti Corruption," At what point does that require high powered rifles and heavy vests? Internal Affairs does not need unmarked cars. They are a division devoted to preventing, investigating, and inspecting officers doing corruption, not trying to be incognito towards civs which is CIDs job. I would love if someone would make IA cars as I do not posses the skills to do that https://gyazo.com/92e40e0a4c8e89e141b14551ed48da41 I also feel that IA does not need to be so tactical. For all officers, I feel that Vests (Heavy or not), should be kept in all officers vehicles until they come into a situation. I feel this will increase role play immensely. I'm not saying "IA shouldn't get vests". I'm saying IA should only use their vests when they need them. I feel that in game IA officers should be doing more equipment checks and more responding to supervisor calls. I know they do a lot of supervisor calls and equipment checks already, but our Department would be so much more respected if we could watch two scary black tie agents are doing an equipment check on officers outside of Starbucks. Suggestion #2 Demilitarize CID. Not the gang unit. I love the gang unit, they are cool and they should, if they already don't, have a good relationship with S.E.R.T. However regular CID detectives should not have their vests out all the time. Detectives should wear classic suit and ties, as detectives would. I also feel that CID detectives should only use unmarked vehicles while actively investigation or operating as the gang unit. Joining CID shouldn't just mean new clothes to wear on patrol. That's an incentive in the wrong direction. I feel that Deputies should want to join CID to do Criminal Investigations, not get a cool new hoodie. I feel that S.E.R.T. does a great job, they just aren't on a lot and I don't think that's their fault. Being accepted into a division should be a privilege, but right now it's just an incentive for new cars and uniforms. Choosing a division to apply to should be because of a passion to improve role play with your skills. After having a read, I have to say there are points in here that I agree and disagree with. HC will discuss on what you've brought up - Jack Borne
  6. Proton

    Best Car?

    No, a car with features as you have described, would not be fair to the Police Department. Because it would be bulletproof. And fast. Cars in real life are not bulletproof. Unless you are the President of the United States.
  7. Proton

    DOJ Implementation

    I think you over-complicated it way too much. I think the implementation of a DOJ is productive and will increase roleplay. However, I think the solution to your problem is to dumb down the DOJ to fit our needs so that you don't need a bench trial every time. Just make it so you bring a civ to the courthouse and there is a bailiff, a judge, and a lawyer provided by the state in the courthouse at all times.
  8. Proton

    Kill Feed System

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I think the some people on the server are way too obsessed with "fragging" instead of actually roleplaying on a roleplay server. As for the kill feed I think it could be good for certain cases but if you accidentally kill someone and have to comp them they can see that you killed them. Which is already a kill feed. I think it ruins the immersion if everyone on the server knows who kills who like some kind of internet death board. -1
  9. Proton

    Foster is a Child Predator (allegedly)

    You need to wear ur fuckin seatbelt more often ctrl + 1 bro
  10. Proton

    Unmarked Everywhere

    How does marking a car of a division make the entire division useless? SERT has vehicles that say SERT on them, that doesn't mean civs can shoot them more easily because they have their name on their cars. It's for roleplay, which you have failed to realize. Also, don't you think deputies that are performing corrupt actions would be alert and looking for any police vehicle, not just IA ones? They would most likely recognize a vehicle with lightbars inside them before recognizing that they're not IA. Do you really think a deputy would just continue being corrupt if a car drove up next to him? Your argument is illogical. If IA can't do their job without having to drive up to a "officer being corrupt" then you truly have self inflicted "defeats the purpose of having IA in-game"
  11. Proton

    Prisoner Gun Locker

    Definitely agree with this, could add tons more roleplay
  12. Proton

    Unmarked Everywhere

    I know the Devs are busy doing their thing but I think a quick fix to a problem I've seen can be achieved with a simple solution. I think that IA cars should not be unmarked and rather marked. But not in a bland way by printing "Erie County Sheriffs Office" across them. Give them cars in slick black or white that have, "Internal Affairs" painted across them in a badass official kind of way. I feel like this will fix the problem of seeing 16 cops online, and 8 of them are driving unmarked cars. I feel as though this solution will improve roleplay across the server. I also feel that this will make it easier for officers and civilians to visually distinguish the difference between CID and IA. Tell me what you guys think, feel free to disagree :)
  13. Proton

    Hyphened names

    I'm 99% sure I ran a $hooter in the computer and it worked for me but it might not work anymore
  14. Proton

    Keycards removal or modification

    I think that the only way to get a keycard is to rob a cop of it, if that's not already the case.
  15. Proton

    Update SD protocol?

    So now that CPR is a thing and cops can revive other cops... should the 300m rule still apply? I want to gather thoughts from the community on whether or not the 300m rule should still apply. Since this rule states, 4.29 New Life Rule (NLR) At Our Life RPG there is no such thing as a "New Life", this means everything you do sticks with you until stat wipe (which only happen once every three months). But don't worry most places only care about the last two weeks of your history, so this means you won't be screwed over for something that happened a month ago. Having no new life rule means when you die you don't completely die, in the event you are downed and picked back up by EMS you keep all your gear and can continue with your current RP situation however, you must follow Medical Custody rules if EMS decides to take you into Medical Custody. In the event you are downed and not picked up by EMS you will wake up in the hospital and lose anything you were carrying on you when you went down. You will not be given a "new life" and all warrants will still be active. So that leaves the question of should this rule (from the SD Handbook) still be in effect: When EMS revives you at the scene of a crime, YOU MUST leave 300m before you can resume RP. Also you must be called back in order to return to a specific situation. You are considered a new Deputy, with no prior knowledge from your previous life.

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