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  1. IIVenIIomII

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Arma 2 is literally a dead game now lol
  2. IIVenIIomII

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    It's dead af
  3. IIVenIIomII

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Going back to Arma 2 will definitely not work this time. I would suggest saving your money and just shutting down the server. At this point, development took way too long causing the player base to leave to other communities. Plus the Lead Dev that actually does most of the work on the server left so I don't see this community coming back from this hole that it dug itself into. What I would have liked to see from the developers thought was to actually inform the community once every 1 or 2 weeks on was currently being worked on instead of telling us to fuck off and read the trello. Its been a good run.
  4. IIVenIIomII

    How roleplay would not or would probably help the server

  5. IIVenIIomII

    Kill Feed System

  6. IIVenIIomII

    Quick Update + Need Suggestions

  7. IIVenIIomII

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    because memes
  8. IIVenIIomII

    Medical Custody Discussion

    just dont have the rule
  9. IIVenIIomII

    The Return

    Have fun terrorising cicada by yourself lol
  10. IIVenIIomII

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    You had one job Matt gosh
  11. IIVenIIomII

    EMS Aviation at it's best

    That's why I fly the heli when I'm with Michael LOL
  12. IIVenIIomII

    We need to do something.

    arma 3 cicada lel
  13. IIVenIIomII

    Door Locks on cars

    get gud
  14. IIVenIIomII

    Firing range

    Just replace paintball with the firing range that it had there before with the ATM and the car spawn

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