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  1. Ban Appeal Template In-Game Name (and any other names used)? Answer: chet wong/ justin#3050 Battleye GUID (you can find this by joining any BattlEye enabled server and typing "#beclient guid")? Answer: Ban Message? Answer: Staff member that issued the ban? Answer: Why were you banned? Answer: said "fuck you matt" Anything else you should tell us? Answer: sorry?
  2. Chet  Wong

    Events Team

    i remember mcstudley and I would do server events almost daily, those were the good ol days
  3. Chet  Wong


    lol 2 people will probably play and just bank that, good try though
  4. Chet  Wong

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    keep arma 2 up and work on another server. people want to play arma 2 but don't want to play if there's nobody on the server because low pop = no fun. good luck fixing that. also can i get unbanned from the discord :-(
  5. Chet  Wong

    New Mags

    shut up jerrod
  6. Chet  Wong

    Add more cars?

    just put the cars that donator had into the designated vehicle shops that they belong in
  7. Chet  Wong

    Add more cars?

    I was thinking they should add the old donator range rover into either high end sports cars, or in the range rover store. That was a beautiful car, let's be honest.
  8. Chet  Wong

    Unfuck Phase 3

    put it where PMC used to be ez clap
  9. Chet  Wong

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: chet wong New Name: Chet Wong Reason For Change: arma 3 rules/capitalization
  10. Chet  Wong


    i loved the part when they said you had god mode on when they shot at you in the Humvee even though they completely missed, and was shooting me (the gunner) and not u
  11. Chet  Wong

    How can we improve?

    how would this help rp again, idk you just didn't really explain that part, and it just looks like you're complaining about having too much money. another thing is that they greatly "nerfed" oil, farming, and you essentially earn dirt for hours of work. most people do drugs, but at the risk of being caught and jailed for the amount of drugs that they sell. and I haven't really seen you play civ, only cop. so I don't really think that you understand the money thing from a civ perspective, because you're basically handed money for playing cop, as you guys get bail money, ticket money, etc, and don't really have to do as much as civs do to get the money. Most of us do this for hours, and that's why we have so much money.
  12. Chet  Wong

    How can we improve?

    believe it or not if you go to the top right of the forum you can UNSUBSCRIBE from a certain post, holy shit right?

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