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  1. CP3088

    Recent Events and Bans

    Exactly what I was talking about... Enjoy the ban.
  2. Dear Community, Due to recent events, I felt it would be necessary to say a few things… Senior Staff recently made the decision to ban some community members due to their toxicity. These people decided to make false claims about a recent developer made map vote, where his intention was to simply get a general idea of what the community wanted for ArmA3. Since the vote was open to everyone, those same people decided to make fake accounts to push their own agenda. IP Board does not allow for easy vote removal, so TheGamingChief took it upon himself to switch some of the false votes and balance out their impact. When this happened, a few community members decided to start a huge ruckus claiming the vote was rigged, even though it held no significant value. It was created by a developer, and not endorsed by Senior Staff to begin with. The issues with the vote was explained during the community meeting, and a Q&A session was hosted to clear up any concerns. Since these few individuals decided to keep causing unnecessary drama after being told to stop, it was decided that Senior Staff needed to sit down and have a chat with them. They continued to make negative comments and spread false information to other members, it got to point where they tried convincing people that Senior Staff was corrupt and would just ban those that didn’t agree. Other comments got made about shooting up people homes and workplaces, but when Senior Staff sat down with these individuals, they made no attempt to help their situation. They constantly changed their avatars to memes attacking members of Senior Staff and Developers, along with constantly saying the administration had “schoolgirl emotions.” At this point it was decided that some action had to be taken, and everyone involved ended up with a temporary ban. Even though I would have issued a permanent ban for these individuals, they will have another chance. I want to end this post with a quick note. We’re trying to make ArmA3 work, which means toxicity like this cannot be tolerated, and punishments will be given by Senior Staff as they see fit. Another thing, I may be busy with college, but am active in the Senior Staff Discord channel. I hear about most of the toxic people here, and will begin pushing for heavier punishments. If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to send me a PM. - CP3088
  3. CP3088

    Unfuck (Completed)

    Another thing I would love to do is weed out the toxic people in this place... Make another pointless comment like that and you will serve a black list from my community.
  4. CP3088

    Unfuck (Completed)

    I just spent about $3,000 dollars on tuition that I had to work for all summer long. At the point that the reserves are gone and I can no longer afford the $377.50 each quarter (and ~$300 a year in other costs), the community will have some serious issues. For now we will re-launch Arma 2 as we work with valve to #unfuck the A3 server. Details on the server and the nuances thereof will be posted within the day. Expect an impromptu meeting tomorrow. If you actually care about the server please donate so we can stay up. As for the 8th point, I would have to develop a severe Adderall™ addiction in order to be fully here again...
  5. CP3088

    Recent topics

    Y'all are fucking cancer and equally retarded.
  6. CP3088

    Custom Shoes

    Thems a noice pair of shoes man
  7. CP3088

    We are looking for staff!

    That is something that has to be let known to other senior staff. If you or anyone else continually receive disrespect from one of my staff, simply send me a message and I will fix the issue.
  8. CP3088

    Server Whitelisting Poll

    How do you propose we switch back once the population comes up?
  9. Doing any repetitive writing just makes you appear unintelligent. #SorryNotSorry
  10. CP3088

    Shout Box

    I miss the old shoutbox. #LetsDoIt
  11. CP3088

    Blackhawk down

    It must take a lot of effort to be this much of a douche bag
  12. CP3088

    Street names

    Why not just say roundabout? --- This is a good idea, get someone to name all the roads first (non cancerous)
  13. I dosen't know why. Maybe needs a script, who knose?

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