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    Jorge Benson


    Our Life Rocket Propelled Grenade
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    Suggestion: Add Binoculars and or rangefinders to rifle shop and pistol shop. Why: We can zoom into things that are further away and they are very useful over 1k meters. Media:
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    Server Change Log

    OurLifeRPG 2/9/2019 Developers: Luke Rijaz, and TheGamingChief Optimized: Anti-Cheat system again, this should help improve FPS. Changed: Gang creation price has been changed from 125k to 50k. Changed: "There is a vehicle currently blocking the spawn point" has been changed to a 3-meter check instead of a 5-meter check. Changed: SD vehicle shop location, it's now in front of SD. Changed: Several colors in the UI and shop menus. Removed: 2008 Ford Ambulance, it's broken beyond repair at this point in time. Fixed: SD aviation helmet not being in the aviation shop. Fixed: Ford 2016 Ambulance not having a texture. Fixed: Sig from pistol shop not having any ammo. Fixed: Several gang creation bugs. Fixed: Some EMS helicopters not having a texture. Fixed: Some houses not being able to be purchased in Jefferson. Fixed: Some really laggy players being able to use admin revive. Fixed: Fixed some issues with logging. Fixed: Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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    In-Game Name (and any other names used)? Answer: Michael Vidov Battleye GUID (you can find this by joining any BattlEye enabled server and typing "#beclient guid")? Answer: ill get it later if u need Ban Message? Answer: (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Come speak to me | Perm | Luke | Michael Vidov) Staff member that issued the ban? Answer: Luke Rijaz (who changed his name) Why were you banned? Answer: Having too many sert guns Anything else you should tell us? Answer: been trying to speak to luke, he hasn't replied once and getting the big annoyed of not being able to play ourliferpg, I asked him what info he wants and I am happy to give that info sadly, however, he has not responded at all.
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    Nate Sherman

    Police Computer Functions

    Suggestion: Allow deputies to see the address or location of their house(s) of people that they look up in the computer. Also add in a function which allows deputies to make notes and/or record written warnings. Maybe even add in arrests which are automatically logged when an individual is jailed. Why: This makes the computer system much more realistic and robust. It allows for more RP with traffic stops and gives deputies more insight.
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    Tino Wellington

    List of Suggestions

    Suggestion: Change the gang menu to a perm system instead of buying a gang each restart, also add a function where you can buy "Gang Houses" as well as houses for yourself. Add more legal and Illegal stuff to do, as the map is quite small and not much to do but Cops vs Robbers Realistically. Try and add more attractions such as Casino, Federal Reserves, Evidence Lockers e.g add more sights to rebel the acog is trash lol Edit the virtual inventory for certain vehicles like the orca, and some of the bigger houses to have more space add a DOC so that the jail is not extremely boring, or atleast add a function like ALRP where you can search the trashcan for lockpicks e.g and attempt to break out from the inside < I know this could sound like a bad Idea but honestly its good as it brings more roleplay into the game and more things for cops to do. add or edit the Roleplay rules, as to valuing life and what is exactly classed as Initiation. Why: Most of these suggestions are quite good and I believe would improve the roleplay in the community please +1 if you like some of these. the Communities feedback is well needed.
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    Dimitri Morozov

    Unlimited Inventory bug

    Bug: Unlimited Inventory bug Description: When you die and there is no EMS on you get to keep your items in your inventory and apparently you get some extra space in your inventory which you can abuse. Media: Normally I would only be able to carry 20 but look : https://prnt.sc/mjyoin
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    Jefferson houses bugged

    This should be fixed, if there are any other issues please submit a new bug report. Thread Locked & Moved!
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    Vadim Jackovich

    Jefferson houses bugged

    Bug: I can not access my house in Jefferson, to sell or anything Description: Windows key options doesnt work at all on the house, only having this issue with one house I own there Media: N/A
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    Connor ElNumbero


    @Kevin385874 Amen.
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    I don't play enough arma to know that.
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    The amount of stupidity in that post is past the first one. I'm not mad at all about being removed From CID, after the protocol change the division sucks dick. Good effort for a roast tho for someone who will never make it past sergeant in this community and your brain cells support it. During the meeting I never said anything to you cuz I had my mic muted and u would also not know that I poked fatal at the beginning when I heard roleplay, my poke said "here we go. Again". (plus I was flying my brand new f18 on dcs) There's roleplay on the server such as traffic stops and people who do bank and such, gunfights are a outcome of roleplay and are the only thing to make the server fun. I did post something constructive, I was arguing with how fucking stupid your post is and how many brain cells I lose everytime someone mentions roleplay. You also havent used the word stupid to my ideas because 99% of them aren't fucking stupid (Aka helping make highway patrol a fucking thing for patrol On A2 before I was removed.) When you try to talk shit about someone getting removed from a division, be a supervisor of it instead of only being in it for a week. I hope you can learn from this and learn how to talk shit You're truly, Stinger Lieutenant Posted from my phone so me=no english
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    Corrie Healy


    Ok I don't think that I have ever used thextensively the words fucking stupid to any of your ideas. But I think that there may still be a boot up your ass that you for got to remove. If you would like to return it please mail it to the Criminal Investigation Division main office. And on your point of less gunfights = less fun yes maybe for the people on the server that use it as an American takistan server. But do correct me if I'm wrong. In the name of the community it does say RPG now that may mean rocket propelled grenade. But the last time I asked TGC for the abriviation on what it ment he said ROLE PLAYING GAME. So I do believe that people that download the mods expect some form of roleplay. Also very suspicious how during a meeting you agreed with everything I said. And all of a sudden what I say is fucking stupid how about if you notingconstructive to say don't post something that adds nothing to the argument
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    +1 An actual good suggestion that every brain dead person on this community might learn from and it's the laser designator that is thermal.
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    Yes it would be highly hated, the idea is fucking stupid. People play on the server to have fun, less gunfights = less fun for the majority. Also having to initiate for your gang members telling them that you have friends that will kill them? What is this a fucking tea party? Just gonna talk out all the details of your gang to the other guy and figure out where he works and what his favorite restaurant is. If you think the rule will be highly hated it comes back to my old saying.... WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU POST IT THEN, can anyone on this community use their fucking brain when it comes to suggestions.
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    Perhaps, I know one of the rangefinders has thermal vision which should never be added.
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    Michael Vidov

    A rebrand??

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    List of Suggestions

    I like the Gang menu being turned into a permanent option, I also like what you said about Gang Houses. I think it would be cool to add a gang bank account menu for those permanent gang system so that a family or gang could actually track their income and wealth. I don't think there needs to be too many new places like another casino or federal reserve. There are already two banks and a casino. I think the idea of different variations in houses is good too because right now it feels like every time I raid a house it's the same exact layout. A DOC or a Corrections division is already in place however we don't have the population for the division to operate efficiently. It will come soon but right now it's on the backburner. We will just have to be patient for any of these things to actually happen but I believe that there are some things here that will work.
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    Derek Graham

    Reduce Gang Establishing Cost

    Suggestion: Reduce the gang establishment charge from $125,000 to $45,000. Why: There are many players who are requesting that the cost to establish gangs be reduced because they are currently spending $125k per restart to establish one. Media: N/A Download: N/A
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    Suggestion Box

    I first of all would like to say that I couldn't agree with you more. There currently does seem to be a lack of professionalism within the department from a select few who let the rest of us down. In saying that we won't be changing our system. However I will be talking to a few people to try crack down on this behaviour - Jack Borne
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    Nate Sherman

    Remove GoPro Rule

    Rule Number: 1.6 What part of the rule should be changed and why?: Just remove the whole damn thing. This rule is absolutely stupid. We must have this virtual item enabled for IA cases and for RP footage. This unattractive red dot can ruin footage for content creation. I record all of the time, and having that red dot pisses me off to no end. it over complicates something that shouldn't be complicated. Wording Example: No words. Just remove the damn rule
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    Corrie Healy


    What I'm saying is if someone initiates on your gang member he could counter initiate by saying if you do anything to me i do have friends in the area that will kill you. As simple as that. And the part of you can initiate for yourself but your friend would have informed the cops prior that you and multiple members of the gang that he is in will attack any coos that follow him so there will be no need for you to initiate for you involment with in the situation. Also the pure reason for this rule would be for there to be lesser gunfights. I understand that it might be highly hated
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    Vadim Jackovich

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Vadim Jackovich New Name: Vadim Lombari Jackovich Reason: Rebrading in RP
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    Piotr OBrian

    List of Suggestions

    security company would make rp better


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