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    Well it's been a great ride as your assistant chief, but all good things come to end at some point and well this is the end for me as your assistant chief. Most of you know i started a new job recently and i'm putting in 50 hours + a week and when i do get home and eat and stuff, the time is just not there during the week for me to maintain an assistant chief rank and 10 to maybe 15 hours is not enough to maintain the PD as an assistant chief during the weekend. During the weekend i'm spending time with my family and relaxing getting ready for the work week again. This was not an easy decision because I like being part of the decision process when it comes to PD. I know a lot of you have been asking why am i even the assistant chief at this point? Well i did put in LOA’s for the time I was not active. But i will not use LOA’’s as a demotion pass when i can’t play. PD is in a good place right now and me not being here enough like an assistant chief should be is not good enough for what the PD needs. Well you might ask well i can still captain and continue to help the PD. To be honest i just want to take the time to get things in line to see if i will have enough time to give to the department. PD command staff needs to continue to have a strong structure and me not being here enough is not helping with that. I will still come around often as i can, primarily during the weekends and maybe occasionally during the week if i get home early enough to have the time. The best advice i will give to all officers who know me and played with me is to always do your best and do not worry about what others think about you, only you can advance yourself into the next rank. Will i still be apart of PD? I will probably take a lower rank until i get things straightened out and you never know one day i will be back to take the reigns of pd command again or maybe even take over K-9 again which i would not mind since that where i came from and got all my experience from in the first place. But we will see. So will all that being said, i wish the best of luck to everyone seeking a higher PD position. I know Foster will continue to lead you guys the right direction to get you there. I will see and talk to everyone around on Teamspeak. Darkshifter
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    i do not take kindly to attempted political exploitation. let me just make this clear before i lock this... as a prior service member in the U.S. Army - FUCK HILLARY!!!!!!! and Briant, you can go lick her taint for that comment.


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