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    You are a lost cause my guy.
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    In order to increase players/RP on the server I will be offering two cash prizes each week for RP and activity. Rewards Are: Activity Most Active - £10 2nd most -£5 3rd - 500k in game cash Submit Activity Below https://forms.gle/3LAi4pQwTReT5yC39 RP Best RP over a week - £20 2nd £10 3rd £5 Submit RP below https://forms.gle/Nzn29om1pPrusWYB7 In order for the 2nd and 3rd prizes to be won there must be over 5 submissions from other players with evidence of play time/RP being recorded. Lying or cheating will result in immediate disqualification from the process and banning from future entries in the competition. EVIDENCE MUST BE PROVIDED FOR TIME LOGS OF ACTIVITY I.E. SCREENSHOTS OF SERVER UPTIME AND COMPUTER DATE AND TIME
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    Kyle Smith

    Events Team

    Not a bad idea, I don't think he was implying himself though... I feel like this would go 0 - AIDS real quick.
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    A simple Person in charge of PD punishments and maybe to handle complaints. Which is just simply down to having forms and spreadsheets to manage them, which is easy
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    Sorry to add to this, but im still in the process of uploading 3gb of evidence of this guy breaking rules. In addition to this, I am currently sat in TS with him saying he is evading bans and that he cant be banned.
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    Rules Change Log

    November 26th 2016 Remade Green Zone Rule. 3.19 Green Zones Any GREEN or BLUE area on the map (Including PD Base) is considered a Green Zone. In which no No Major Misdemeanor / Crime may be initialized. Examples: Weapon Discharge, Brandishing a Firearm, Robbery, Grand Theft Auto, Doing Drugs etc. Minor offensives will not get you banned (Such as: Trespassing) If you commit a minor crime in a Green Zone, Police may enforce the law on you. Camping the edge of a Green Zone to rob someone is FailRP. If a Role Play Scenario originating outside the Green Zone enter ones, the Green Zone rules do NOT apply.
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    Damn, I am ranked second on playtime coming in 3 hours behind vodka. I spent way to much time on that first week the server was up haha 89 hours.
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    Our Life RPG 04/12/2019 (Forgot to post this when I pushed the update, plz don't shoot me) Fixed: Stats not saving automatically when the player is killed. Fixed: Tow trucks being able to tow air vehicles. Developers Involved: TheGamingChief
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    RoyalSyndicate/Thomas Ashton/Lewis | 13/04/2019 | Ban Appeal In-Game Name (and any other names used)? Answer: RoyalSyndicate/Thomas Ashton/Lewis Battleye GUID (you can find this by joining any BattlEye enabled server and typing "#beclient guid")? Answer: Steam64ID's: 76561198141316289, 76561198426843921, 76561198952869187, 76561198952795393 - There are probably a few more but they are the main ones! Ban Message? Answer: Something like, Mass RDM VDM, Ban Evading etc... Staff member that issued the ban? Answer: TheGamingCheif Why were you banned? Answer: I admit i have done all of the above, but i was desperate to get back on the server since it was just re-released. In my case it wasn't RDM or VDM, The police were not valuing their lives and ruined my role-play although it doesn't give me the right to ruin their role-play they did in fact ruin mine. I am also doing a ban appeal due to the fact i gave Womble my word not to get back on with any type of alts, and my brother is also banned due to sharing the same IP but had nothing to do with this matter. I want to apologies directly to those involved and hope for forgiveness and a second chance. Whilst on these alternative accounts i did follow rules until i was almost killed by a abusive officer who didn't want to comply for no reason. Thank you for your time to read this. Linking necessary people. @Womble @TheGamingChief Anything else you should tell us? Answer: I apologies sincerely and hope for another chance. Also if you add up the amounts of money i grinded on each account or check the logs you will see over the week i was banned my dedication made over 10 million dollars/pounds (OLRPG currency), Hope this shows my dedication towards the server.
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    Excuse me, i am here to do the right thing if i wanted to ban evade then i would be doing it right now.


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