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    I agree these weird changes have not helped us out, as I stated A2 will remain online in its loose state, requiring no PD or EMS structure, being online for people whenever that want to hop on. I agree consistent updates are important, that's something we struggled with as some people on the dev team wanted to push big updates every one or two months while others wanted to push smaller updates every one or two weeks. I personally think an update every week or two would be better, even if it's just small bug fixes and some feature changes. Just to clarify, this would be like how Arma 2 was in the past correct? Meaning we have trained slots, but a few untrained slots on each side with limited access to weapons and items? This was an idea that was explored before, however, work hadn't been started on it yet for the most part. I definitely think this is something we can implement though. The main issue when it comes to lag is actually testing for it, I never had an issue with lag, I understand we don't all have to same setups so it can be difficult to find out about these issues and sort them out. However, it's something we can work on, such as removing unnecessary items such as the shrubs around SD.


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